Saturday, 3 July 2010

4 July 2010

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GAS CHAMBER - 12" - £7.50
"The GAS CHAMBER 12″ contains the entirely remastered recording from the previously available cassette and cd-r formats. These pieces consider the dichotomy between the animal nature of life and the relationship of humans to machines, as sapien minds steeped in violence give way to a droning, pacific, world technocracy/culture. Brutal hardcore with poisonous vocals shouldered by the dynamic noise of silver box and coffee can hum. Layers of guitars bleed over everything powered by a chorus of scorching distortion, partnered with fluttering bass-lines like birds in flight, and time as offered for repose." - CLICK HERE for Gas Chamber (songs)

BESTHOVEN - 'born to kill dreams' - 10" - £6
8 new tracks by the legendary long-running band from Brazil. Dark bleak raw d-beat 'dis-cimex' that takes it's cues from all the classics. Comes in gatefold cover.

Full list:
click here
Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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