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20 July 2012

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MAKILADORAS - niemandsland - lp - £8
...yes!! After loads of difficulties, this finally sees a light of day!! Makiladoras were one of the absolute best Dutch bands of the previous decade - the SACRILIGE for the 00s - releasing an amazing lp, 10" and split ep before splitting up. This, their 2nd and final lp, was supposed to have come out on Profane Existence many years ago but after loads of difficulties the master was finally returned, with Ruin Nation stepping up to unleash this on the world after all. This final release includes 8 post mortem tracks of a full throttle slayer/at the gates guitar ridden metal punk. Recorded by Dirk Kusche at Bremens Kuchelrock Studios, the man responsible for that famous heavy Bremen sound (Systral, Morser etc.).

MORNINGTON CRESCENT - lp - gummopunx records - £7.50
...assuming we are all reasonable and sane human beings and can therefore all agree that 80s Dutch hardcore/punk fucking rules..... This contains their classic 1982 demo "Cassette 1" and their legendary "Greetings From Amsterdam" ep from also containts the wonderful 1st mix of said ep, including 3 previously unreleased tracks!

TEARGAS - the way of all the flesh - lp - £7
"...Debut 12" from this Australian hardcore band that play in the Japanese style (as if you couldn't tell by the cover art). While Teargas are clearly inspired by the huge riffs and epic leads of bands like Death Side, you can tell they're also hip to the raw, blown-out sound of more recent Japanese crust bands like Framtid and Kriegshog. The result is a complete monster of an LP... while it doesn't quite have the off-the-charts energy level of the last two bands I mentioned, as with, say, Forward, the band more than makes up for that with a tight, rocking edge. Fucking beastly shit here."

INFERNOH - lp -£12.50's one that will show in many MRR end of year list for 2012... Blazing Swedish discharge/cimex/totalitar/avskum influenced hardcore punk! Members of SKITKIDS, FY FAN, HERATYS and SKIPLICKERS. Thet sound of an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell!

GIFTGASATTACK - 5" - £5 copy left, super limited pressing, fucking great raw Swedish hardcore punk...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012

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 Los Monjo / Aspirina Infantil - split ep - £4.50 
"Rad pair-up between one Mexican and one Spanish band. Guadalajara's Los Monjo are up first, and while I've enjoyed pretty much all of their numerous records so far, they really knock this one out of the park... holy shit, they pretty much sound EXACTLY like prime-era Eskorbuto on these tracks. Huge, simple riffs, insanely catchy choruses, and a driving, HC-inspired backbeat. SHIT... if you dig old Spanish punk you NEED this one. As for Aspirina Infantil, they turn in two very different tracks. The first one definitely has a Clash-inspired vibe that I associate with old Spanish punk, but with just the slightest touch of rockabilly / 50s rock and roll to keep things fresh. Their other track is really weird, sounding more like a mid-80s Pusmort Records kind of thing, but without the huge production... it's definitely HC, but kind of quirky HC a la Christ on Parade or something like that. Their tracks aren't as immediately appealing as Los Monjo's, but they're certainly good. Gorgeous three-color silk screened artwork rounds out this bad-boy and makes it pretty essential for fans of Spanish punk. Metadona Records"
....what Sorry State said fucking winner!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

22 April 2012

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VAASKA - condenado - ep - £4 - SOLD OUT
new 6 song EP by VAASKA from Austin, Texas. After two 12"s on Todo Destruido and 540 records this is their first 7" EP and on here they have taken a slightly new direction, away from the early raw sound. This 7" has it all, great power, hooks and vocals in Spanish. This 7"s features 6 hits clocking in at just under 10 minutes. Recorded again by Hanz Zimmerman, Mastered by Jack Control and beautifully packaged in gloomy artwork by Brian Miller. Besides the lyric insert this EP comes with a double sided silk screened inner sleeve printed by the Big Double Os.

DL 50 - hardcore desde... - ep - £3.50 

Raw as fuck hardcore punk from PARAGUAY...if you dig any of the metallic raw rough Columbian stuff, Massacre 68, Olho Seco etc. etc. check this out. Great.

PEACEBASTARD - 2nd ep - Heartfirst Records - £4 
"It is 2012 and most of your friends decided that neo crust and 80s USHC revival is over, instead they all listen to music like lo-fi black metal and neo folk and play in bands that recycle post-punk, goth or power pop like their heroes from the US, Sweden and Barcelona. PEACEBASTARD do not fall into any of those categories. They remind me of something else: There was a time in the 1990s when the European DIY hardcore punk was totally happening. Bands like UNHINGED, QUARANTINE, EBOLA, HEALTH HAZARD, LOST WORLD etc. toured the squats of Europe, bringing fast and powerful punk with great female vocals to the dread-locked, soap-free youth. After flooring the audiences with their music the band members would hang out with the locals and drink until the sun came up. Some people still remember that style, even though it is kinda uncool today. Many moons ago in Berlin, three guys who had been around the block for a while formed the band PEACEBASTARD, what they played was not quite "crust" and not quite "d-beat" (even though they liked to describe themselves as that). To me they were just pure old-style hardcore punk impact! After playing out for some time as a three-piece PEACEBASTARD recruited the singer from a famous Swedish band on vocal duties. And as a four piece they really reached the next level. HeartFirst is very happy to release their second EP after their 5-song debut EP. This one has 6 new songs that are fast, angry and rocking at the same time. The 7" comes packaged in a four-color silk screened cover done by the Big Double Os and with a special label attached, as the band tried to get away from the usual artwork for this kind of musical style. But most of all, you should go and see this band live and if you have any money left after drinking and pain killers, maybe you want to buy this EP."

Sunday, 25 March 2012


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SYSTEM DEFECTOR - demo tape - (opiate/tadpole/alta intensidaz/system defector) - £3
 Our good friend Teo (Otan/Destruccion) moved from Barcelona to Brighton to learn English. During his time here we occaccionally got together to make some noise. Darren (Tadpole Records) holds drum sticks, I hold a bass, Dave does vocals...none of us can even remotely play...but Teo is a force of nature,  100% energy and conviction, pure inspiration, and so we somehow even end up recording these 5 songs of political "scruffy punk" (as Teo would call it) late 2011. Inepth, raw, no talent required (and definitely none involved), basic as fuck punk...!

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25 March 2012

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updated 25 March 2012  

DAMAGING NOISE - "instant death noise attack" - £3.50 - SOLD OUT
6 song ep by this relatively obscure band from Japan. Released on Mark of The Wanky's "noise punk records" label, which should give you a pretty good idea of what this sounds like. Low-fi & noisy punk for distortion-heads. Posers leave the pub pleasssse. 320 pressed, transparent purple vinyl...

DRY HEAVES - 7" ep - £3.50 - SOLD OUT 
"I had to confirm a few times while I listened to this that this five-piece is outta the UK, as this super snotty and supremely effective five-track EP rips and snorts with prime USHC abandon. The songs are short, sulphate-laced blasts on a par with CIRCLE JERKS if delivered with the sneering, incisive precision of CAREER SUICIDE and the ferocious bluster of CRUCIFIX. From the opening roar of ‘What’s Happening’, the whole EP doesn’t let up. The guitars are raw, aurally abrasive and equally suited to thrashing or adding some texture while the vocals are bilious, noxious rages a’la Keith Morris or virtually spoken, taut, claustrophobic and intimidating. Excellent stuff - if OFF! seems a tad contrived for your resolutely HC DIY ears - look no further! - SCANNER ZINE".
SUDOR - Ciudad Imperial - ep - Solo Para Punks - £4 - SOLD OUT 
....totally amazing raw radical hardcore PUNK from Spain! Absolutely raging, one of the best bands to emerge from the European DIY scene in recent years! UK tour in April (2012), don't miss it!!! 
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LIMITED READERSHIP - zine - #2 - £1.50
 ...fuck blogs, proper punk belongs on paper. Issue 2 of the UK based Limited Readership zine has interviews w/ POLLUTION (!), MILK MUSIC, SPIKE IN VAIN and CONDOMINIUM. It also has loads of reviews, film write-ups, and other thoughts...

Kakka-hätä 77/Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - split ep - £4
 F I N L A N D ! Kakka-hätä 77 should be known to most now, uber-catchy late 70s Finland punk of the highest order. So good! Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät are somewhat unique, the band consists of people with a disability who all work together in a music/culture workshop for disabled people, writing & performing their own music! F I N L A N D !!!! 

FUNERAL ORATION - godsend tape - lp - £7.50 
The official reissue by Gummopunx of their 1982 demo tape. Funeral Oration were one of many absolutely killer hardcore bands from the Netherlands in the 80's (up there with your Larm, B.G.K., Gepopel, Pandemonium, Agent Orange etc). After releasing this demo, F.O. released the amazing "Shadowland" EP and the absolute masterpiece that is the "Communion" LP. In the 90s they did some more poppunk stuff which, though still really good, most of us probably wouldn't get too excited about but in the 80s incarnation of this band is simply untouchable.

WANDERLUST - s/t ep - £3 - SOLD OUT 

Ex-members of SICK MORMONS (who released 2 killer eps before disbanding) with a not too dissimilar sound. Dutch punk via late 70s/early 80s California. If you dig the early LA punk scene, this one's for you...

KYRE & DUUNARIT - s/t - 7" - £4 - sold out  

Classic Finnish punk sounds, drawing inspiration from the late 70s greats. So bloody catchy it hurts

REALITIES OF WAR - 1st - ep - £3.50 

R.O.W. was a bunch of UK punk stallwarts (Steve Hyland (1in12/attitude problem) on vocals, Pete (Scalplock/Flyblown) on guitar etc.) playing classic d-beat with anarchist/peace-punk fuelled political lyrics, all firmly rooted in this country's punk tradition. I remember Steve playing us these songs in his house during the STAATHAAT tour some years back....but in true punk fashion they took their sweet time getting this released... Still...who give a fuck if it is this great!?! The packaging is a labour of love; massive booklet, thick screenprinted card, free patch etc. - and the music just fucking slays. Smash to fuck the fucking system.

DISKELMA/POLTTOITSEMURHA - split 7"EP - Kämäset Levyt - £3.50 - SOLD OUT 

...more Finland hardcore....never enough Finland hardcore!! Diskelma is probably known to most as they toured the UK a while ago, metallic crust with ripping guitars and somewhat of a BASTARD vibe. Polttoitsemurha is more straightforward dual vocal crust punk in the best European tradition, but in no way less intense.... Up the punx!

VIVISEKTIO - lp - hohnie - £8 - SOLD OUT 

re-stock of this seriously killer lp. Managed to trade a few more but otherwise this appears to be gone in most places so don't snooze... This is their story: "an unknown Finnish hardcore/peace punk band from the mid 80's. They were one of the world's northernmost punk bands in those days. Vivisektio hailed from the small village of Äkäslompolo in the northwest Lapland (Äkäslompolo is located about 130 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle), formed in the late 1983 (as Vendetta) before they split up in May 1986. In that time they managed to record a couple of poor quality demo tapes, but not released any records. They did only 8 gigs, the most notable was at Pietarsaari punk-festival 29.6.1985 with Kaaos, Terveet kädet, Rattus, W.D.M., Disarm, Massacre, Bastards and Kuolleet Kukat." ....roll forward a good few years and this happens: "Vivisektio's debut LP "1984" comes out in Finland (Roku Records) and in Germany (Höhnie Records) in May. LP contains many old re-recorded Vivisektio songs from 1983 - 1986. They are going to play some gigs in Sweden with Terveet Kädet in May."

TUHKAUS - s/t - ep - £3.50  - SOLD OUT

First ep of these Finnish hardcore punks. Released by Roku Records, among others, who previously did records by YHTEISKUNNAN YSTÄVÄT?, OMAISUUSVAHINKO, LAPINPOLTHAJAT, PAHAA VERTA, VIIMEINEN KOLONNA etc.

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