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17 July 2010

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KANSAN UUTISET - "suomi orgasmin partaalla" - lp + 12" - £9.50 - SOLD OUT
One of the absolute classics of mid 80s Finnish hardcore punk. Originally released on Rock O Rama back in 1983, Hohnie records gave the amazing "Beautiful Dreams" lp the much deserved reissue treatment in 2007. My own original copy of this had been played to shit, so I couldn't have been more stoked, but the real treat is the fact the Hohnie version comes with a 12" with previously unreleased, ultra raging, demos and an "80s style fanzine". I managed to snatch the last 2 (!) copies he had in stock though, so don't snooze....

RIISTETYT - HC revival 1982-1983 - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
Up there as one of the absolute best hardcore bands ever and a major inspiration for thousands of bands you know and love, the simple fact of the matter is that early 80s Riistetyt is untouchable. Their first few records are all essential classics and this makes a fantastic addition. The "HC revival 1982-1983" lp contains 34 raw raging punk-smashers from their earliest days. They were ecorded BEFORE the 1st album "Valtion vankina" with a much more punky sound! Old-timers will have heard many of them back in the day as they were released on Er Is Hoop tapes (ran by the then LARM folk).... Killer.

THE ANNOYED - "nie wieder Deutschland" - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
Official re-release of this long forgotten German punk gem. This was originally released in 1987 but Hohnie has now made it available again for new generations to discover. I know there's not much interest/attention being paid in the UK to "Deutschpunk", the language barrier probably being a major reason, but the fact I got a few copies in any way should give you a clue how good I think this. The title track for one is up there as one of the best German punk songs I've ever heard The Annoyed would sit very comfortably on a mix tape with legends like SLIME, CANALTERROR, TOXOPLASMA etc....

Uber fucking classic compilation lp that surely needs no further introduction. Propaganda Records originally released this in 1983 and if anyone needs a reminder of the fact Finland had one of the best scenes in the 80s, just look at the names featured: KANSAN UUTISET, RIISTETYT, JAKKE & LATERI, ÄPÄRÄT, RATTUS, TAMPERE SS, ALAMAAILMA, KUOLEMA, BASTARDS, HIC SYTEEMI, FUCKING FINLAND, DESTRUCKTIONS, MARIONETTI, M.A.P., PROTESTI, SEKUNA, TAAKU and VARAUS. No serious hardcore punk collection is complete without this compilation, period.

One of the essential 80s Finnish hardcore punk compilation lps (others being HARDCORE '83, YALTA HI-LIFE and FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT), RUSSIA BOMBS FINLAND was originally released in 1982 on the legendary Propaganda Records. Like the previously discussed "Hardcore '83" this reads as a who's who of Finnish hardcore/punk, featuring multiple tracks by KAAOS, BASTARDS, ANTIKEHO, NATO, TERVEET KADET, RIISTETYT, 013, MAHO NEITSYT, APPENDIX, SEKUNDA and DACHAU. You need it, your friends need it, everyone needs this. If there's anything better than Finnish hardcore punk, I've yet to hear it.

TERVEET KÄDET - Ääretön propaganda - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
I love Hohnie. Not only is he a top bloke, he also makes sure the classic bands are available to more than just the collector junkies....and they definitely don't come much more classic than this. The mighty Terveet Kadet, a major inspiration to thousands of kids around the world...and thanks to their inclusion on the seminal 'Welcome To 1984' compilation lp probably also one of the 1st Finnish bands a lot of those kids ever even heard. This lp contains 34 stonecold classics; the first 3 EP's, Halloween 12" and Black Gold lp.

KAAOS – Totaalinen Kaaos - lp - £7.50 - £8 - SOLD OUT
Pay attention. If you don't have this, you need to sort that out right now. Hardhitting uber classic Finnish hardcore punk pioneers. Legendary material that doesn't sound dated one little bit, in fact most bands are still trying to catch up and trying to get anywhere close to where these guys were. This lp compiles stuff from 1982, their tracks from the "Systeemi ei Toimi" 7", the "Totaalinen Kaaos" 7" and their tracks from the "Russia Bombs Finland" Lp. It's all fucking killer and will be the best money you'll spend all year.

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