Monday, 7 September 2009

03 October 2009

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Newest release on the great DISTORT REALITY label. So new in fact that it only came in the post this morning! SSR play raw blazing downtuned dbeat crust punk and are made up of members of AGHAST. Shin at Punk N' Destroy picked up on the fact the photograph on the insert has them posing in a similar vein to KURO and that's definitely part of thewhat they are going for here musically! There's elements we've come to identify with the different 8os scenes that perfected their sound from the original DISCHARGE template - Japanese, Swedish and Finnish hardcore most notably - while the wild reverb-heavy vocals also bring to mind more recent bands like INVASION/DESTINO FINAL. The tense,crazed, all over the place hardcore punk is perfectly balanced out finally by a slighty (!) slower number that I swear sounds somewhat like 'victimised' by CHAOS UK!! D-beat punk destruction at it's finest -

CONDENADA - mother tongue - 7" - £3.50 SOLD OUT CONDENADA are fucking great "all girl queer punk band" from Chicago and after their raging debut on Lengua Armada and their split 7" with SIN ORDEN, they return with their third vinyl release. 4 more tracks of furious kick ass fast hardcore punk with lots of energy and power, all wrapped up in a beautiful screenprined sleeve -

PRIMATES - control salvaje - 7" - £3.50 Their vinyl debut was both fucking raging and criminally overlooked! Let's see if the punks get get their heads out of the "Japan/Sweden" worship for two seconds this time and pay some attention shall we? Barcelona's PRIMATES return with another slap of totally raging, fast yet catchy as fuck, hardcore punk with some seriously killer female vocals and hooks. Fucking Spain just keeps delivering the goods, so start paying attention! -

BAILER - sing it like a victim - lp - £8 SOLD OUT
Emo from the hazy days of 2005. Elements of Policy Of 3, 400 Years, Boilermaker, Yaphet Kotto etc. fused into a more updated version of the sound. Collective Zine loved it, so if that means anything to you, this may be for you. Note the copy for sale is screenprinted on a grey background, not the blue as pictured, in case that somehow matters...? -

BURNT CROSS - lp - £7
I've now got the last 10 copies of the BURNT CROSS lp for sale, so snap it up if you sti9ll need one!! Here's what MRR had to say about this great record: "from the band name, album title, and black and white cover featuring a pile of skulls, I'm assuming this isn't power-pop. Guess what--it's not powerviolence either. This is hard anarcho-punk that sounds a lot like EXIT-STANCE, LIBERTY or a tougher SWARTZENEGGAR. This band is a two-piece comprised of two brothers from the UK. It's pure DIY, recorded in the bedroom with an 8-track and drum machine. It's well done, and they have a solid political street punk sound that fans of CONFLICT will like. Good lyrics on a variety of topics make this a very worthwhile release. Good stuff." -

TRIOXIN 245 - 7" - £3
The 2nd EP for this band from Quebec. 4 trax of Motorcharged dbeat hardcore punk that even includes a Venom cover. Members of GERM ATTACK and BASTARDATOR. -

MASAKARI - eden compromised - 7" - £3
"After one listen to Eden Compromised, it's not surprising to find that Masakari take their name from a battle-axe used in ancient Japan. The four songs that make up this debut 7” are as destructive as a blow to the skull with such a weapon. “The War Within” is a thundering, metallic slab of meaty riffs and pummeling, chaotic drums. I hear a lot of d-beat and crust influence in this song, and the others as well. Obviously Masakari take heaps of influence from giants of the genre His Hero is Gone. But Masakari are not a knock off; there is some nice mid-tempo open-chord riffing going on too, which is quite cool. “Forever Cursed” takes a slightly more hardcore approach, “Vanquish” and “Egoism in Harvest” round out the EP and are equally as heavy - the production of Bill Korecky (Keelhaul, Integrity) suits the band well. The former opens with ultra heavy slow riffs, the latter features impeccable drumming on display." -

IRON BOOTS - demo '04 - 7" - £3
"Grave Mistake revs up this third pressing of Iron Boots' incredibly solid debut, Demo 04. Initially issued in '04 as a cassette by the Virginia Beach hardcore act. Though these were seemingly the first songs the band recorded, they're pretty goddamn great and surprisingly fully formed despite usually lasting no longer than a minute and a half. It's mid-`80s-style NYHC with a modern touch. The playing is scrappy but hard, and the vocals are choppy and raspy yet actually have a bit of playfulness to them. There's nothing tough or overly moshy about this release; it's got the perfect level of the latter, actually. It's just energetic, well-done, scrappy hardcore songs that many bands haven't been able to compete with on their debut."

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

06 Sept 09 - update

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CONSTANT STATE OF TERROR - war with no end - 7" - £3
Four more tracks of full throttle, Sacrilige meets Discharge meets Antisect meets Poison Idea, pounding UK hardcore crust punk carnage courtesy of these ex-Substandard/MTA/Combat Shock lifers. Fucking killer. -

SELVHENTER - to fingre i kudden... - 7" - £3
"I'm at the point now that i see a band is from denmark, i just assume they're fantastic... and once again im proven right! Whereas some of their contemporarieshave drawn influence from late -'70/early-80s american punk, SELVHENTER pays homage to all the obscure and fantastic early 80s scandinavian bands, like the ones you would hear on the northern europe editions of "Bloodstains across DK" or "Killed by death". A nice mixture of new wave punk and east thrash makes for a killer sound. Highly recommended - MRR " -

The write up 625 did sums it up best really: "The much anticipated split between two of the Bay Area's best punk bands of recent years. Catchy yet pissed, melodic yet driven, both bands compliment each other's hook-laden anger. THE YOUNG OFFENDERS follow up multiple EPs and splits from the past few years with some brand new teeth-kickers, while GIANT HAYSTACKS contribute their last, yet best, songs yet. An instant classic - limited pressing, get it while you can". Two amazing bands, one fucking great split lp. I am still gutted Giant Haystacks broke up - but at least we've got some more great tracks to remember them by. Young Offenders meanwhile are still going strong and need to come to the UK already!

V/A SIX WAYS TO FUCK SHIT UP - comp. 7" - £3
"Ace comp with unreleased tracks by BURNT CROSS, VALS, SPAM, DEAD SUBVERTS, DE RECLASSERING and POWER IS POISON, a great way to check out the new crop of political european bands. Really good stuff here." / / / / /

"After releasing one of the best punk/garage rock EPs last year, Daylight Robbery doesn’t let up a notch on this hot new 3 song recording. The A-side takes off with classic Dangerhouse- style punk with male/female vocals that bend and weave together in subtle melodic harmonies. Comparisons come and go with everything from X to Guerilla Angreb to Gun Club, but Daylight Robbery has this way of blending in more than just influences or retro/classic punk. The B-side (Circles) is one of the most haunting and atmospheric tracks that climbs to an almost insane intensity that underlines this whole EP. Red Tape will no doubt turn heads and have you hoping for a future Daylight Robbery full-length LP - residue" -

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