Sunday, 22 April 2012

22 April 2012

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VAASKA - condenado - ep - £4 - SOLD OUT
new 6 song EP by VAASKA from Austin, Texas. After two 12"s on Todo Destruido and 540 records this is their first 7" EP and on here they have taken a slightly new direction, away from the early raw sound. This 7" has it all, great power, hooks and vocals in Spanish. This 7"s features 6 hits clocking in at just under 10 minutes. Recorded again by Hanz Zimmerman, Mastered by Jack Control and beautifully packaged in gloomy artwork by Brian Miller. Besides the lyric insert this EP comes with a double sided silk screened inner sleeve printed by the Big Double Os.

DL 50 - hardcore desde... - ep - £3.50 

Raw as fuck hardcore punk from PARAGUAY...if you dig any of the metallic raw rough Columbian stuff, Massacre 68, Olho Seco etc. etc. check this out. Great.

PEACEBASTARD - 2nd ep - Heartfirst Records - £4 
"It is 2012 and most of your friends decided that neo crust and 80s USHC revival is over, instead they all listen to music like lo-fi black metal and neo folk and play in bands that recycle post-punk, goth or power pop like their heroes from the US, Sweden and Barcelona. PEACEBASTARD do not fall into any of those categories. They remind me of something else: There was a time in the 1990s when the European DIY hardcore punk was totally happening. Bands like UNHINGED, QUARANTINE, EBOLA, HEALTH HAZARD, LOST WORLD etc. toured the squats of Europe, bringing fast and powerful punk with great female vocals to the dread-locked, soap-free youth. After flooring the audiences with their music the band members would hang out with the locals and drink until the sun came up. Some people still remember that style, even though it is kinda uncool today. Many moons ago in Berlin, three guys who had been around the block for a while formed the band PEACEBASTARD, what they played was not quite "crust" and not quite "d-beat" (even though they liked to describe themselves as that). To me they were just pure old-style hardcore punk impact! After playing out for some time as a three-piece PEACEBASTARD recruited the singer from a famous Swedish band on vocal duties. And as a four piece they really reached the next level. HeartFirst is very happy to release their second EP after their 5-song debut EP. This one has 6 new songs that are fast, angry and rocking at the same time. The 7" comes packaged in a four-color silk screened cover done by the Big Double Os and with a special label attached, as the band tried to get away from the usual artwork for this kind of musical style. But most of all, you should go and see this band live and if you have any money left after drinking and pain killers, maybe you want to buy this EP."

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