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LIMITED READERSHIP - zine - #2 - £1.50
 ...fuck blogs, proper punk belongs on paper. Issue 2 of the UK based Limited Readership zine has interviews w/ POLLUTION (!), MILK MUSIC, SPIKE IN VAIN and CONDOMINIUM. It also has loads of reviews, film write-ups, and other thoughts...

Kakka-hätä 77/Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - split ep - £4
 F I N L A N D ! Kakka-hätä 77 should be known to most now, uber-catchy late 70s Finland punk of the highest order. So good! Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät are somewhat unique, the band consists of people with a disability who all work together in a music/culture workshop for disabled people, writing & performing their own music! F I N L A N D !!!! 

FUNERAL ORATION - godsend tape - lp - £7.50 
The official reissue by Gummopunx of their 1982 demo tape. Funeral Oration were one of many absolutely killer hardcore bands from the Netherlands in the 80's (up there with your Larm, B.G.K., Gepopel, Pandemonium, Agent Orange etc). After releasing this demo, F.O. released the amazing "Shadowland" EP and the absolute masterpiece that is the "Communion" LP. In the 90s they did some more poppunk stuff which, though still really good, most of us probably wouldn't get too excited about but in the 80s incarnation of this band is simply untouchable.

WANDERLUST - s/t ep - £3 - SOLD OUT 

Ex-members of SICK MORMONS (who released 2 killer eps before disbanding) with a not too dissimilar sound. Dutch punk via late 70s/early 80s California. If you dig the early LA punk scene, this one's for you...

KYRE & DUUNARIT - s/t - 7" - £4 - sold out  

Classic Finnish punk sounds, drawing inspiration from the late 70s greats. So bloody catchy it hurts

REALITIES OF WAR - 1st - ep - £3.50 

R.O.W. was a bunch of UK punk stallwarts (Steve Hyland (1in12/attitude problem) on vocals, Pete (Scalplock/Flyblown) on guitar etc.) playing classic d-beat with anarchist/peace-punk fuelled political lyrics, all firmly rooted in this country's punk tradition. I remember Steve playing us these songs in his house during the STAATHAAT tour some years back....but in true punk fashion they took their sweet time getting this released... Still...who give a fuck if it is this great!?! The packaging is a labour of love; massive booklet, thick screenprinted card, free patch etc. - and the music just fucking slays. Smash to fuck the fucking system.

DISKELMA/POLTTOITSEMURHA - split 7"EP - Kämäset Levyt - £3.50 - SOLD OUT 

...more Finland hardcore....never enough Finland hardcore!! Diskelma is probably known to most as they toured the UK a while ago, metallic crust with ripping guitars and somewhat of a BASTARD vibe. Polttoitsemurha is more straightforward dual vocal crust punk in the best European tradition, but in no way less intense.... Up the punx!

VIVISEKTIO - lp - hohnie - £8 - SOLD OUT 

re-stock of this seriously killer lp. Managed to trade a few more but otherwise this appears to be gone in most places so don't snooze... This is their story: "an unknown Finnish hardcore/peace punk band from the mid 80's. They were one of the world's northernmost punk bands in those days. Vivisektio hailed from the small village of Äkäslompolo in the northwest Lapland (Äkäslompolo is located about 130 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle), formed in the late 1983 (as Vendetta) before they split up in May 1986. In that time they managed to record a couple of poor quality demo tapes, but not released any records. They did only 8 gigs, the most notable was at Pietarsaari punk-festival 29.6.1985 with Kaaos, Terveet kädet, Rattus, W.D.M., Disarm, Massacre, Bastards and Kuolleet Kukat." ....roll forward a good few years and this happens: "Vivisektio's debut LP "1984" comes out in Finland (Roku Records) and in Germany (Höhnie Records) in May. LP contains many old re-recorded Vivisektio songs from 1983 - 1986. They are going to play some gigs in Sweden with Terveet Kädet in May."

TUHKAUS - s/t - ep - £3.50  - SOLD OUT

First ep of these Finnish hardcore punks. Released by Roku Records, among others, who previously did records by YHTEISKUNNAN YSTÄVÄT?, OMAISUUSVAHINKO, LAPINPOLTHAJAT, PAHAA VERTA, VIIMEINEN KOLONNA etc.

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