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24 February 2010

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...some more new records in for distro, lots of great stuff so definitely have a browse. Also I am trying to regain some room to actually move in my flat so I'm doing a sale over the next week or so....see sale items at the bottom of this post!!

AFTER THE BOMBS - terminal filth stench bastard - 7" - sjakk matt plater - £3.50
Hailing from Montreal Canada and with a title like that, I am sure everyone reading this knows what to expect:
dirty mid eighties metal crust with Deviated Instinct riffing. The pissed of crusty echoed Female vocals help bring SACRILEGE to mind. -

COP DE FONA - 7" - £3.50
"First 7" by this band from Spain - 8 songs of fast, raw, fucked up, powerful hardcore punk! A bastard of sounds from classic 80' bands round the world but without being copycats... rad!!! New Ep out soon on Yellow Dog. - YD" -

STRUGGLE - 7" - ebullition records - £3.50
In recent years those keen on historial revisionism have been repeating the mantra that hardcore punk was shit in the 90s. With tastes shifting back to many of the 80s sounds and previously obscure bands becoming household names, thanks to the mp3 revolution and subsequent arrival of a continuous stream of bootlegs/reissues, it's no doubt a cool position to take. It's also complete nonsense and it makes me laugh to see both kids too young to even remember being alive in the decade as well as those actually involved at the time fall in line with this new consensus. No doubt it will be revised once again in a few years to come when the older folks get their heads out of their asses and young people get clued up on the gems of the time.
The Struggle 7" is very much one of those gems for me. It originally came out in 1992 and even 15+ years after first hearing it, it still sounds totally fresh, powerful and inspiring. The 7" comes with a thick booklet containing lots of political writing, that definitely blew my then teenage mind, backed up by brutal blazing hardcore in the vein of Rorschach, Born Against and Downcast. If they ever do a KBD/Bloodstains/etc. type compilation of the 90s, the opening track "red, white and you" will no doubt feature. A fucking classic. -

ENDEAVOR - of equality - 7" - phye records - £3
Great 7" that originally came out in 1995. This band became really shit later on (their lp sucked and that was the last I heard, but I understand it didn't get better...) but in their early days they were great. Other stuff definitely worth picking up by this band is their other ep, the split 7" with Envy (japan) and of course the XXX comp. which features 2 of their tracks. File under blast from the past

ROT IN HELL/THE PROCESS - feas of tentacles - 7" - £3.50
A UK pairing on a beautifully designed and executed split. Rot In Hell’s sound like early Catharsis and the 90s Clevo influences are very apparent throughout, with Dwid of Integrity even making a guest appearance. The Process deliver one long track divided into two parts. The first is a slow heavy affair, building up to the release of the faster second. Being ex-SHANK/SCATHA they know what they're doing and execute the whole thing to perfection -

POLLUTION - nasty d.n.a. - feast of tentacles - lp - £7
Despite Mark (Graanrepubliek records) telling me to check this out (as if I ever listen), this still caught me well off guard. I initially saw it advertised as "heavy dissonant hardcorenoiserock", a description that meant/did little to me... I don't know much about "noiserock"...but I do know my BORN AGAINST...and fuck me if that's not the vibe I totally get from this record. Pay attention punks as I get the feeling this might be one of those under the radar ragers. Seriously great stuff here. Sit up and take notice -

GRUEL - 2xlp - £8.50
I started to type "heavy as fuck doom punk sludge from a bunch of up north punk bastards, reared on Sabbath, Corrupted and Amebix" but then I found this great review which really nails it... It's a bit lengthy, but fuck it, the songs are all 15+ minutes as well: ! ...sums it up I think but in case you're still verdict here at opiate industries headquarters?...punk as fuck and fucking amazing! -

NOMOS - demo 7" - deranged records - 7" - £4 - SOLD OUT
Demo 7" from NYC hardcore band NOMOS, originally issued as a run of 100 cassettes, now seeing a release on vinyl. Six songs in under nine minutes. Influenced equally by early 80's rippers like Poison Idea, Void, and Antidote and early 90's hardcore such as Citizen's Arrest, No Comment, and Infest. Recorded by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and featuring artwork and layout by Vincent Smith. MRR's review of the demo: "The first song on this demo, including its intro and how it sets things up for the rest of the song, is possibly one of the most perfectly written/executed hardcore songs I have ever heard. From the opening chord ringing out "Stand Up" style to the sarcastic-sounding ride cymbal hits near the end of the intro...f*ck, I could go on and I won't, but this song deserves its own review, bringing to mind CITIZEN'S ARREST and post-Disassembly Line CAPITALIST CASUALTIES both via the present in terms of songwriting, with abrasive shouted vocals, a scuzzy bass tone, a thick guitar sound, and everything recorded in the red for the perfect distorted grate." -

SLAVESCENE - 7" - deranged records - £4 - SOLD OUT
"Ex- CULT RITUAL offers up one hell of an introduction with two noisy hardcore tracks. Reminds me of a way noisy FLIPPER meets BORN AGAINST. For fans of CULT RITUAL and TOTAL ABUSE."

LOUTISH - total devastation - 7" - £4 - SOLD OUT
"Komplete Kanadian kång krieg! Finally, the nine track debut of CRUDITY/MOB 47 inspired Winnipeg råpunk hardcore titan LOUTISH! The original tests were rejected and master scraped- this re-mastered edition preserves every ounce of static integrity for you distortion maniacs: the noise, the speed, the harsh fury… it’s hard to believe this was recorded in 2004 instead of 1984!" -

KNUSTE RUTER - var det bare en løgn - 7" - sjakk matt plater - £3.50 - SOLD OUT
I only got wise to this 7" when I saw it on Luc's Kangnave blogspot, being mentioned in his 'best of 2009' list and I am glad I did. This is one amazing ep. Classic 80s sounds Norwegian hardcore in the vein of Stengte Dører, Kafka Process and So Much Hate. You need it. -
DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE - kept in the dark - 7" - sjakk matt plater - £3.50 - SOLD OUT
"The follow-up "kept in the dark" 7" by this Norwegian band continues where the debut "uskyldige mennesker sulter og lider" 7" on Vex records (US) left off. 5 Songs of raging, relentless, heavy-pounding, straight forward hardcore-punk in the scandinavian 80's tradition." -
- SALE - SALE - (please order more than one or some other stuff from distro if possible!)
* AUTONOMIA INDIGENA - £2 - great political emo/punk. Ape Records from '95!
* BEARING/SKY FALLS DOWN - £1 - good early 90s US hc split
* C.C.S.S. - £1.50 - Canadian 80s style punk, with D1cks cover
* C.D.S. - £1 - raging hardcore in the vein of Voorhees and old US bands.
* DAWN OF ALL AGES - £0.50 - 90s German hc (red silence)
* DIAVOLO ROSSO/Y - £2 - ex-LUZIFERS MOB! 90s German hc/powerviolence
* DIVISIONS RUIN - £2 - dark & political crust, female/male vocals
* DIVORCE - £1 - harsh, fast powerviolence-trash.
* EX-MEMBERS OF.../WARDANCE ORANGE - £2 - mid 90s US hc
* FANTASTIKOLHOLE/YATTAJ - £1 - extreme grind w/ MITB influences
* FAREWELL TO ARMS - £2 - hc thrash w/ Shitty Limits & Fall Of Efrafa folk.
* FORCED INTO - £1 - 90s Sweden hc/punk
* FROGSKIN - £2 - sludge dirge punk like Noothgrush, End The Agony
* FUEL/PHLEG CAMP - £2 - long out of press. Pre-Torches To Rome/Bread & Circuits
* THE GRABBITS - £1.50 - 80s Dutch hc/punk on legendary LMOOR label
* GROWING CONCERN - £2 - sxe hc on Break Even Point (1991)
* GUIDING LINE - £2 - '97 sxe revival classic
* THE HAL AL SHEDAD - (at a loss records) - £2.50
* HUMAN BEHAVIOUR - £2 - early 90s oldschool sxe hc on honesty rec. (1993)
* INAMY - £2 - powerful Norwegian hc, Inepsy/Discharge. Ex-Angst.
* INSOLENTES - £2 - blazing anarcho hardcore fury from Mexico
* IO - 'charred timeles...' - £2
* ITCH - £1
* KURU - oh martyr... - £1 - 90s UK political punk
* KURSK/LYCANTROPHY - £2 - Discordance Axis like hc/grind
* LINE OF FIRE - 'your side' - £1 - mid 90s screamed political sxe hc
* LINE OF FIRE/CAPGUN - £1 - mid 90s screamed political sxe youthcrew/hc
* LIVING UNDER LIES - £2 - harsh hc/punk from the US
* M-BLANKET - 'safety'- £1.50
* MISHAP - £2 - charged metal punk
* MITHRA/POST FATA RESURGO - £1 - blazing chaotic grind/dark crust
* MY HERO DIED TODAY/MAN VS HUMANITY - £2 - 90s harsh German hc/punk
* NOTHING REMAINS - grey - £1
* OLHO DE GATO/LOMB - £2 - political crust-punk, ex-Boycot/Pattareni!
* OPPOSITE FORCE - £0.50 - roma sxe
* PAGEANT - £0.50 - on Romance Records
* PATIENT ZERO/HRYDJUVERK - £2.50 - UK thrash hc power/Iceland dbeat hc!

* PLATYPUS SCOURGE - £1.50 - 90s. same label that did 1st Amber Inn 7"
* THE POGO - £2 - ripping punk from Virginia
* THE P.R.M.C. - £2 - US hc like Jerry's Kids
* QUIVER - £1 - know records
* RENASCENCE - £1 - 90s released, out of press, Swedish hardcore
* RE-SISTERS - £2 - political, feminist queer crust punk on Skuld!
* SAID & DONE - £1.50 - political fast hardcore from the 90s
* SAPO/EXISTENCE - £1 - oop, 90s released, French political hc
* SARCASM/SANCTUS IUDA - £2 - 90s crust noise w/ members of WANKYS
* SELVHENTER - to fingre.. - £2.50 - KBD like Danish hc/punk
* SGT SLAUGHTER - £2 - US hc like Jerrys Kids etc.
* SEVEN YEARS WAR - £2 - 90s hc on Moo Cow, 1 copy!
* SIERVOS DE NADIE - £2 - catchy fast anarcho punk from Spain
* SINERGIA - £2.50 - blazing Spanish dbeat hc punk
* STRETCH - £1 - Refusenik records
* SUBRATS/VENEREAL DISEASE - £1.50 - raw d-beat/powerviolence
* SYSTEM SHIT - hell o - £2 - fast hardcore crust
* TIERRA DE NADIE - £2 - raw dbeat crust punk from Chicago!
* THIS SCARES ME - £2 - ferocious chaotic hc, Coleman/Palatka.
* UNISON - £1.50 - blue vinyl
* VANING 5 - £1 - fast Swedish hc
* WARBOYS - £2 - fast hc/punk from up north

* D.D.I. - £4 - killer out of press early 90s Italian hardcore punk rage!!!
* FLU ID - £2

* LPs *
* ACTIVE MINDS - "it's perfectly obvious..." - £4
* ALTERCADO - El Ruido.. - £4 - Crucifix/Crudos like
* A NEW SPELLING OF MY NAME - £2 - ex-Homage To Catalonia...
* ARM - £4 - all female hc from the 80s! Original on Konkurrel records.
* ARMEDALITE RIFLES - £5 - 70s punk/power pop + 80s UK DIY/messthetics
* ASEDIO - £5 -heavy dbeat w/ members of EKKAIA
* BLAMEGAME/ZANN - £5 - out of press, screamo/hardcore
* DESATRE - pesadelo - £5 - Brazil dbeat

* DIAVOLO ROSSO - £3 - blazing hc, ex-Y!
* DONA MALDAD - £4 - really great & catchy anarcho punk from Venezuela!
* ERANTZUM - £3 - fast Spanish hardcore
* ETACARINAE - £5 - spanish crust
* FIYA - better days - £5 - melodic punk from Gainesville USA
* GEWAPEND BETON - £5 - great 80s hc (Poison Idea/Zero Boys) meets UK 82
* HONGO - £5 - Spanish crust
* I.O.U. - £2 - Norwegian heavy harsh hardcore punk
* THE JAM SESSION - £2 - on crucificados pelo sistema records
* KARNVAPEN ATTACK - £5 - fast Spanish political hc/punk
* KIDS RETURN/BAIL - £4.50 - Native Nod, Chris Leo vs screamy emo
* KINGS OF OBLIVIAN - Wise Up - £2 - 80s UK punk, OOP, 1 copy left
* KOLOKOL - £5 - SO MUCH HATE, KAFKA PROCESS style Norwegian hardcore!
* MALKOVICH - £4 - 1st lp, 1 copy left
* MANIFESTO JUKEBOX - £4 - 'Strain' - Finland Husker Du punks
* MESA VERDE - £4 - screamy emo in the vein of Envy, Daitro etc.
* PASSIONATE HEARTLESS - £2 - long out of press, 80s dark punk
* PEACE OF MIND - £2 - political melodic hc/punk
* PRESSGANG - £5 - garage hc/punk, mix of Jay Reatard, Adolescents & Dean Dirg.
* PROVOKED - "infant in the womb of warfare" - £4
* RELIGIOUS WAR - £4 - D-beat hardcore punk on Hardcore Holocaust
* SANCTUS IUDA - £4 - classic early 90s anarcho punk!
* SCHIFOSI - 'absentum - £5 - crust from Australia
* SICKNESS - £5 - Motorhead dbeat punk
* SISTA SEKUNDEN - £5 - their 1st lp, killer Swedish punk
* SPANDAU BULLET - £5 - driving heavy crust from Spain
* TIDAL - "moment" - £2 - emo from yesteryear
* TWENTY THIRD CHAPTER - £5 - DYSTOPIA/ NEUROSIS, comes w/ comicbook
* VI GRUER OSS - £5 - raging frantic Norwegian hardcore attack, like MOB 47!
* WRECK OF OLD '98 - £5 - fucking amazing, Minutemen/Big Boys like!
* YAWP - 'the world...' - £3 - Dutch 80s hc original, ex- DEADLOCK & GEPOPEL.
* ZEROID - 2004 - £5 - raging Bremen hc, Per Koro style
* V/A MAKING CHILDREN SONGS... - £3 - Betercore, Zanussi, The Dagda + many more

* CDs *
* ANTITEDAX - £1 - anarcho punks from Madrid
* CIRCUS ACT - £1 - melodic hc/punk in the Bluetip & Fugazi vein.
* CLAQUE - £4 - like Submission Hold, Dog Faced Hermans & The Ex!
* COUNTDOWN TO PUTSCH - £4 - cd + massive booklet, Ebullition records
* DEAD BONES - £1 - hardcore punk from Spain
* HELLSHOCK - cd ep - £1.50
* JIYUNA - "this desolate veil" - £2 - pre-Merkit
* JIYUNA - "the devil is-" - £2
* LIGHT THE FUSE AND RUN - £4 - on Exotic Fever Records, 1 copy.
* MANHATTAN SKYLINE - £1 - ex Kaospilot
* MONOCHROME - laser - £2 - ex-MINE.
* THE NANCY REAGANS - £0.50 - Southampton pop punk by Pilger people
* THE OLIVER TWIST COMPANY - tricks... - £0.50
* ONLY FUMES AND CORPSES - read whats in between - £1
* THE PERMANENT - demo - £0.50 - members of Abandon Ship.
* RED RIVER TRIO - £0.50 - members of Seven Sioux
* SEEIN'RED/F.P.O. - £3
* THE SOUTH - pacific - £2 - emo-violence
* TRIAL - 'through the darkest days - £5 - '97 release. Crimethinc records. original.
* TRACTOR - £0.50
* ZANN - £2 - discography on Per Koro. Harsh & intense hc like the old Bremen gods
* V/A LIFE LOVE HARDCORE -£0.50- w/ Disembodied, Intent To Injure, Cable etc.

To order: r_vergeldt (a) hotmail (dot) com.

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17 January 2010

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This release features Matt from Infest on guitar and bass, Andy from No Comment on vocals and Bob from Lack of Interest on drums....yep...take that one in for a second.... Blazing hardcore punk fury at it's finest.
I sold out of all the copies I got in within a day already - BUT I am getting a few more in - so if you need it and seeing as this appears limited to 500 copies - mail me now to reserve one!!

DRUNK DRIVER - born pregnant - lp - parts unknown- £8
"Sometimes music's so fucking horrible that my initial impulse is just to laugh wildly to myself the first time I hear it. The occasions are few and far between, but have included hymen-breaking experiences with the likes of Burning Witch and Sutcliffe Jugend – shit that's just so left of musical centre that you don’t know what else to do about it. Drunkdriver, while not exactly ploughing themselves a new furrow (see also: Brainbombs, Drunks With Guns et al), garnered a similarly joyous reaction thanks to the sheer blown-out bluster and mic-swallowing outrage of these nine songs: a stupid, fucked up mess that reduces three-chord frenzy to overdriven clumps of terminal noise and hectoring, drool-chinned bedshitting and makes every song something you have to fight your way through rather than passively endure. Fucking brilliant, and make no mistake. - Alex Deller / Collective Zine" -

IRON LUNG/WALLS/PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - "Public Humiliation" - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
"This, first and foremost, is NOT a split. Recorded live at The Vera Project in Seattle on Halloween night 2008, this was a one-time performance by all three bands collaborating as one super band. Six members in total. The sounds recorded this day were deranged, devastating and truly scary. New arrangements of three IRON LUNG songs, three WALLS songs and two PHT noise pieces. On top of that, they wrote two brand new songs and threw in a cover just to spice things up. Twenty nine minutes worth of total noise and depression sound. Absolutely fucking crushing."

TEEN CTHULU - "Ride The Blade" - lp - Life Is Abuse - £8 - SOLD OUT
"Taking the raw chaos of punk and fueling the flames with black metal grimness and symphonic grandeur, it becomes the circle for the Cthulhu evocations. Thirteen mad tracks of blackened metal tinged fastcore that will trample you under cloven hoof and fill your veins with burning vitriol.Thunderous, relentless grind and blackmetal accompanied by keyboards. Totally fucking awesome." -

WASTED TIME - "Futility" - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
Wasted Time were not only one of the best bands I saw in 2009 (being absolutely mindblowing when we put them on in Brighton for their only UK gig), with this lp they also released on of the best albums of the year. Futily is one amazing slap of totally essential ferocious 80s US hardcore punk anger and despair that demands you sit up and take fucking notice or else.... Scorching, angry sounds that make me want to smash my head through the wall. The song "For The Fatherland" is a modern day classic, a blistering intelligent critique of the US military complex: "you think we're expendable / we must be dependable / all young americans / must die for the fatheland. Totallly fucking great. You all need this -

V/A - DESTROY NEW GRANADA - compilation - lp - Sound Virus - 7
nied Long out of press 1 sided compilation lp with tracks from The Blood Brothers, Dead And Gone, This Machine Kills, Harum Scarum, Talk Is Poison, Hail Mary, Palatka, The DGO, and the Red Scare. The other side is silkscreened, and the comp comes with a nice booklet with lyrics as well as contributions from various DIY scenesters.

V/A - NOTHING'S QUIET ON THE EASTERN FRONT - compilation - lp - Reservoir - £7
This was released in 1996 and has been long out of press, but Ebullition seemingly unearted a few more copies A classic 90s compilation that focussed on the harsher sounds that were coming out of the east coast at the time; CR, Monster X, Assfactor 4, Devoid Of Faith, Coercion, Dropdead, Black Army Jacket, Judas Iscariot, Suppression and the criminally underrated Halfman and Eucharist. Do yourself a favor and snap this up as it's fucking raging and has stood the test of time exceptionally well. Fucking great.

ABSINTHE - 10" - £5.50 of my favorite 90s releases. Absinthe was one of the bands formed from the ashes of the mighy Groundwork and both this 10" and their 7" are seriously great, underrated, slaps of angry intense and powerful hardcore. Still slays.

DIET PILLS - 7" - force fed - £3
Harsh heavy sludgy punk in the vein of Flipper, Jesus Lizard (early 90s) Neurosis. Not exactly my area of expertise, but those in the know seem to like this band so my advise would be to Ignore the silly artwork and let the noise do the talking. -

BESTHÖVEN - epois de um ataque aereo- 7" - £4 - SOLD OUT
Dis-beat from Brazil. If you miss Disclose, and don't we all, check this out.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

12 January 2010

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YDINASEETON POHJOLA - 'euro-ohjukset' - 7" - £3.50 - SOLD OUT
Killer...or as a reviewer said: "A new Finnish band inspired more by bands from the furious years of Italian hardcore as opposed to the furious years of their native scene. This ep has the chaos of WRETCHED with the quirkiness of INDIGESTI. Throw in a little bit of LIP CREAM and this revisionist historical piece of modern day hardcore is what you’ll get. I think of GUNNAR HANSEN covering “they Decide … You Pay!” comp. - SP" -

...yet more raging furious hardcore punk from Finland! If only the weather was a bit warmer I would emigrate there already. YDINASEETON POHJOLA's killer 'euro-ohjukset - ep
' was one of the nicer surprises of the last year or so, while KERIPUKKI, who play raw '82 inspired 'Finnish' hardcore, did a raging split with PAHAA VERTA before this. Fucking great people. - /

ZODIAC - 10" - £5.50
Here's what Markus of PER KORO (if anyone knows this stuff, he does!) had to say about it: "...a five piece band, hailing from Bremen. This a furious bastard of '90s style Bremen-sound and US-hardcore in the vain of URANUS, RORSCHACH with a healthy dose of metal. Excellent political lyrics which are all in German from the singer who used to be in AGE and ASSAY. Lyrics packed into a very nice 12 page booklet. Bremen-hardcore as it's best. If you dig into CAROL, MÖRSER, METÖKE etc. this is for you - just brutal!"

PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - 'skull fucking armageddon' - 7" - £4
Total raw d-beat with high octane Japanese/Swedish influences. Or as Shin called it at Punk & Destroy: "Anti Cimex+Shit lickers+Disclose / Raw Brutal Dis-bombardment Onslaught!!!"


END THE AGONY - 7" - £3
I got a few more copies in of this amazing record. Here's what the good folks at collective zine said about it: "End the Agony commit their nihilistic broken worldview to their first slab of vinyl. As a three piece they were one of the best bands I've seen in the past couple of years, channelling the scuzzy filth of NOOTHGRUSH via the agonised despair of DYSTOPIA and the distilled hatred of CROSSED OUT's slow parts. With punk rock currently reinforcing the dams against a deluge of wannabes and generic 'poserviolence', End The Agony are the real deal. Highly recommended - CZ." -

DESTRUCKTIONS - complete destruckions - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT- Anthology of this long gone cult band from Pori, Finland! This has all DESTRUCKTIONS studio recordings: Vox Populi -LP, their segments from the FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT and HARDCORE '83 compilations + unreleased demo tracks. Clearly a labour of love, this comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with comprehensive liner notes by guitarist Poko. Guaranteed to rip your speakers to shreds!

V/A HARDCORE '83 - compilation lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
Uber fucking classic compilation lp that surely needs no further introduction. Propaganda Records originally released this in 1983 and if anyone needs a reminder of the fact Finland had one of the best scenes in the 80s, just look at the names featured: KANSAN UUTISET, RIISTETYT, JAKKE & LATERI, ÄPÄRÄT, RATTUS, TAMPERE SS, ALAMAAILMA, KUOLEMA, BASTARDS, HIC SYTEEMI, FUCKING FINLAND, DESTRUCKTIONS, MARIONETTI, M.A.P., PROTESTI, SEKUNA, TAAKU and VARAUS. No serious hardcore punk collection is complete without this compilation, period.

V/A RUSSIA BOMBS FINLAND - compilation lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
One of the four essential 80s Finnish hardcore punk compilation lps (others being HARDCORE '83, YALTA HI-LIFE and FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT), RUSSIA BOMBS FINLAND was originally released in 1982 on the legendary Propaganda Records. Like the previously discussed "Hardcore '83" this reads as a who's who of Finnish hardcore/punk, featuring multiple tracks by KAAOS, BASTARDS, ANTIKEHO, NATO, TERVEET KADET, RIISTETYT, 013, MAHO NEITSYT, APPENDIX, SEKUNDA and DACHAU. You need it, your friends need it, everyone needs this. If there's anything better than Finnish hardcore punk, I've yet to hear it.

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