Sunday, 25 July 2010

25 July 2010

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MOBCHARGE - apocalyptic horror - LP - £7
The first lp from these long running Spanish dbeat warriors (they released their 1st demo way back in 1994), featuring members of VIOLENT HEADACHE, PROYECTO TERROR, ATEH, TOTÄLICKERS etc. MRR had this to say about it: "Fuck yeah! There is nothing new or innovative here, and there really doesn't fucking need to be. This is 100% pure D-beat in all of it's slightly sloppy, raw glory with a singer who sounds remarkably like the late Kawakami (DISCLOSE, of course) . (...) As far as the style goes, MOBCHARGE is more in line with the second-wave bands like DISGUST and DISASTER both in their lack of solos and the relative shortness of the songs. Nice lyrical nods to CONFLICT and SORE THROAT as well!

VIOLENT HEADACHE have been going for well over 20 years at this point, having started way back in 1998. Ever since then they've continously played true political punk grindcore crust they way it was intended. This split ep sees them team up with HOLOCAUST IN YOUR HEAD who'll have become somewhat of a well-known name in the European diy scene of their own right, due to a multitude of tours and releases. HOLOCAUST IN YOUR HEAD share members with TOTALICKERS among others and go for a more crust approach.

BOTELLÓN DE CASTIGO are from Zaragoza, Spain, and play great Swedish influenced punk, not unlike their fellow countrymen Totälickers. CHANCLETA are fromValencia and go for a sound more reminiscent of Capitalist Casualties and Dropdead. Two times raging hardcore from the country that can do no wrong musically at the moment.

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