Saturday, 19 June 2010

17 June 2010

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SLAKTRENS - ur balans - 7" - £3.50
15 songs of fast, raw, distrorted hardcorepunk from Sweden. In the proud tradition of MOB47, TOTALITÄR, PROTEST BENGT, RÖVSVETT etc. SLAKTRENS feat. ex-members of FROM THE ASHES -

VALIUM KIHARAT - kierre - 7" - £3.50 - SOLD OUT
Fast-paced clasic Finnish hardcore punk sounds on the mighty ROKU RECORDS. Felix Havoc had this to say about it: "This one is a killer, total surprise. A band I never heard of from Finland asked if I'd like to distro some of their 7". The cover looked kind of metal/emo but when I played it I was stoked, pure Finnish hardcore punk. With a thrashed out Partisans cover (in Finnish) as well." -

VALIUM KIHARAT play classic 80s sounding thrashing Finnish hardcore punk, The Carnival combine raw hardcore punk with some oldschool metal influences (Bathory meets Terveet Kadet?!) like only the Fins can pull of. That's it, I am emigrating! -

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Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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