Tuesday, 15 June 2010

15 June 2010

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Another quick update...just too fucking busy!

INFEST - 1987 Demo lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
As the title indicates, a boot of the legendary demo. Ultra fast hardcore that preceded the powerviolence movement!

MADMEN - Demo's 12"
- £8 - SOLD OUT
Mad Men is Jonah Falco (Fucked Up / Career Suicide)'s solo project, playing all the instruments. Fast and hectic hardcore punk. This compiles both demo cassettes. Apparently limited to 500 so get it now if you need it.

- £7.50 - SOLD OUT
Really great lp that has slipped under way too many people's radars. Angry pissed off no bullshit 80s US style hardcore punk. Seriously killer.

NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Mindless Violence 7" - £3 - SOLD OUT
Blazing 80s US hardcore stylings. Easily one of the best US bands doing this style.

SEEIN RED - anniversary 7" - £3
These veterans hardly need an introduction. This ep was released for their 20th anniversary and sees them cover Dutch diy punk classics by The Rapers, Lullabies, Noxious, Bizon Kidz, Jesus and the Gospelfuckers, Pistache BV, Rondos and Pandemonium! Artwork done by Johannes Van De Weert, the man behind the mighty Red Rat comics and previous Rondos member! Fucking great!!!!

CITIZENS PATROL - Demo 2006 7" - £3
After 2 great eps, the 2006 demo is now finally also available on vinyl. One of the absolute best bands playing raging 80s US hardcore punk at the moment!

RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Demo 2004 7" - £3
Probably the best band going in Europe at the moment! Totally raging blistering political hardcore punk from Austria via Chile! After a great split lp and ep, the demo is now also made available on vinyl thanks to Way Back When. Check them out on their upcoming UK tour in October. Seriously not to be missed.

EXTORTON - Terminal Cancer 7"
- £3
Most bands claiming to play 'powerviolence' or to sound 'like Infest' are pretty shit...but these Australians beat the trend. Sonically the best thing that has happened to fast as fuck hardcore punk in the last decade and on tour in Europe (no UK dates so start booking your trip!) with the mighty Seein'red this October! This ep kicks up the 'raw as fuck' assault a few notches. Also track down both their lps, 10" and various other eps!

Full list: click here Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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