Sunday, 17 January 2010

17 January 2010

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This release features Matt from Infest on guitar and bass, Andy from No Comment on vocals and Bob from Lack of Interest on drums....yep...take that one in for a second.... Blazing hardcore punk fury at it's finest.
I sold out of all the copies I got in within a day already - BUT I am getting a few more in - so if you need it and seeing as this appears limited to 500 copies - mail me now to reserve one!!

DRUNK DRIVER - born pregnant - lp - parts unknown- £8
"Sometimes music's so fucking horrible that my initial impulse is just to laugh wildly to myself the first time I hear it. The occasions are few and far between, but have included hymen-breaking experiences with the likes of Burning Witch and Sutcliffe Jugend – shit that's just so left of musical centre that you don’t know what else to do about it. Drunkdriver, while not exactly ploughing themselves a new furrow (see also: Brainbombs, Drunks With Guns et al), garnered a similarly joyous reaction thanks to the sheer blown-out bluster and mic-swallowing outrage of these nine songs: a stupid, fucked up mess that reduces three-chord frenzy to overdriven clumps of terminal noise and hectoring, drool-chinned bedshitting and makes every song something you have to fight your way through rather than passively endure. Fucking brilliant, and make no mistake. - Alex Deller / Collective Zine" -

IRON LUNG/WALLS/PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - "Public Humiliation" - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
"This, first and foremost, is NOT a split. Recorded live at The Vera Project in Seattle on Halloween night 2008, this was a one-time performance by all three bands collaborating as one super band. Six members in total. The sounds recorded this day were deranged, devastating and truly scary. New arrangements of three IRON LUNG songs, three WALLS songs and two PHT noise pieces. On top of that, they wrote two brand new songs and threw in a cover just to spice things up. Twenty nine minutes worth of total noise and depression sound. Absolutely fucking crushing."

TEEN CTHULU - "Ride The Blade" - lp - Life Is Abuse - £8 - SOLD OUT
"Taking the raw chaos of punk and fueling the flames with black metal grimness and symphonic grandeur, it becomes the circle for the Cthulhu evocations. Thirteen mad tracks of blackened metal tinged fastcore that will trample you under cloven hoof and fill your veins with burning vitriol.Thunderous, relentless grind and blackmetal accompanied by keyboards. Totally fucking awesome." -

WASTED TIME - "Futility" - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
Wasted Time were not only one of the best bands I saw in 2009 (being absolutely mindblowing when we put them on in Brighton for their only UK gig), with this lp they also released on of the best albums of the year. Futily is one amazing slap of totally essential ferocious 80s US hardcore punk anger and despair that demands you sit up and take fucking notice or else.... Scorching, angry sounds that make me want to smash my head through the wall. The song "For The Fatherland" is a modern day classic, a blistering intelligent critique of the US military complex: "you think we're expendable / we must be dependable / all young americans / must die for the fatheland. Totallly fucking great. You all need this -

V/A - DESTROY NEW GRANADA - compilation - lp - Sound Virus - 7
nied Long out of press 1 sided compilation lp with tracks from The Blood Brothers, Dead And Gone, This Machine Kills, Harum Scarum, Talk Is Poison, Hail Mary, Palatka, The DGO, and the Red Scare. The other side is silkscreened, and the comp comes with a nice booklet with lyrics as well as contributions from various DIY scenesters.

V/A - NOTHING'S QUIET ON THE EASTERN FRONT - compilation - lp - Reservoir - £7
This was released in 1996 and has been long out of press, but Ebullition seemingly unearted a few more copies A classic 90s compilation that focussed on the harsher sounds that were coming out of the east coast at the time; CR, Monster X, Assfactor 4, Devoid Of Faith, Coercion, Dropdead, Black Army Jacket, Judas Iscariot, Suppression and the criminally underrated Halfman and Eucharist. Do yourself a favor and snap this up as it's fucking raging and has stood the test of time exceptionally well. Fucking great.

ABSINTHE - 10" - £5.50 of my favorite 90s releases. Absinthe was one of the bands formed from the ashes of the mighy Groundwork and both this 10" and their 7" are seriously great, underrated, slaps of angry intense and powerful hardcore. Still slays.

DIET PILLS - 7" - force fed - £3
Harsh heavy sludgy punk in the vein of Flipper, Jesus Lizard (early 90s) Neurosis. Not exactly my area of expertise, but those in the know seem to like this band so my advise would be to Ignore the silly artwork and let the noise do the talking. -

BESTHÖVEN - epois de um ataque aereo- 7" - £4 - SOLD OUT
Dis-beat from Brazil. If you miss Disclose, and don't we all, check this out.

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