Saturday, 15 May 2010

15 May 2010

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QUICK UPDATE: new stuff;

- £6
...some very few, final copies were finally unearthed/retrieved from one of the those remaining copies never had a sleeve made for them, they made an uber-limited special/different one... I have 5 of these only - so shout (loudly) if you need one!!

Pissed of hardcore crust punk from France and The Netherlands. Released by Halvfabrikat Records, Subversive Ways, Aïnu, Sclérose, Subsociety, Men Zao Asso, Symphony Of Destruction and I Feel Good.

VIOLENT ARREST- "Minute manifestos" 12" (Tadpole) £7
Almost sold out already - but I've got a few more back in now. Best not snooze on these as Tadpole is already almost out and they'll all be gone in a few weeks. See previous post below for description - opiate.

a very very serious contender for record of the year!
- opiate
"The sounds of cicadas against crashing ocean waves at sunset. The process of seeking an answer through distortion and finding it within yourself. Remember your Gauze, Terveet Kadet, Wretched, Shitlickers, LipCream, and Confuse records. Recorded in one take, "live-in-the-studio", in the middle of the Baltimore ghetto, at the legendary Barclay House. Mixed and mastered in 10 hours over the following two on rsr"

Quattro Stagioni - LP: £8 - SOLD OUT
"Quattro Stagioni is a 4 piece outfit from Trier/Germany, the band exist from 1998-2008 and played a mix of downtuned Grindcore & hyperblast Power-Violence with tons of groovy moshparts & scream as hell vocals. After a 7" on 625 & a 5" split with Iron Lung, on Crucificados Pelo Systema, here are the bands first and last Longplayer with 12 ultrafast blasts. Blast-as-fuck!!! Co-release with 625."

LOBOTOMIA - Extinção LP £8
"One of the greatest Brazilian hardcore bands from the 80's, Lobotomia started in São Paulo in 1984 and after participating in some cassette compilations in the US and Finland, debuted on vinyle with 2 songs on the Ataque Sonoro comp LP. Then they put 2 albums out, in 86 and 89. Black Water recs repressed the 1st one not so long ago. Now what we have here is the vinyl version of LOBOTOMIA's Extinção, 13 song 3rd album recorded 2008. They play Brazilian thrash metal, they sound a bit like FORCA MACABRA. Or may be the Finns have been copying? Limited 350 copies, the TTDMRT handscreened sleeve shows a different artwork from the CD."

'noise' punk is all the rage right now...but these actually do it really well. If you like the bandnames below, check it out!
- opiate
MRR (Cissie Scurlock) "Make no mistake, these Frenchies-plus-one-Floridian sleep cuddled next to their Disorder records, passed out with a gluebag in hand. ... I would align this with SWANKYS or early CONFUSE, before lumping it in with the crasher crust scene. Overall, STATE POISON has enough ineptness, ridiculousness, catchiness, and creativity to pull this style off. Download the demo for free at"

RAKKAUS: Jokainen päivä on taistelua LP £8
the below write up might make it sound a bit weak, but it's actually a really good record. It really reminds me of the MAKILADORAS lp! Fellow Brightonians probably remember them from destroying at the Hobgoblin a few months back?!- opiate.
"Rakkaus was formed at the spring 2003 with the idea to be a band sounding like noisy and fast hardcore. Their main influences were Tuomiopäivän Lapset and Detestation. Dark and melodic crust, with awesome female vocals."

Full list: click here Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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