Tuesday, 12 January 2010

12 January 2010

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YDINASEETON POHJOLA - 'euro-ohjukset' - 7" - £3.50 - SOLD OUT
Killer...or as a reviewer said: "A new Finnish band inspired more by bands from the furious years of Italian hardcore as opposed to the furious years of their native scene. This ep has the chaos of WRETCHED with the quirkiness of INDIGESTI. Throw in a little bit of LIP CREAM and this revisionist historical piece of modern day hardcore is what you’ll get. I think of GUNNAR HANSEN covering “they Decide … You Pay!” comp. - SP" - www.myspace.com/ydinaseetonpohjola

...yet more raging furious hardcore punk from Finland! If only the weather was a bit warmer I would emigrate there already. YDINASEETON POHJOLA's killer 'euro-ohjukset - ep
' was one of the nicer surprises of the last year or so, while KERIPUKKI, who play raw '82 inspired 'Finnish' hardcore, did a raging split with PAHAA VERTA before this. Fucking great people. - www.myspace.com/ydinaseetonpohjola /www.myspace.com/keripukki

ZODIAC - 10" - £5.50
Here's what Markus of PER KORO (if anyone knows this stuff, he does!) had to say about it: "...a five piece band, hailing from Bremen. This a furious bastard of '90s style Bremen-sound and US-hardcore in the vain of URANUS, RORSCHACH with a healthy dose of metal. Excellent political lyrics which are all in German from the singer who used to be in AGE and ASSAY. Lyrics packed into a very nice 12 page booklet. Bremen-hardcore as it's best. If you dig into CAROL, MÖRSER, METÖKE etc. this is for you - just brutal!"

PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - 'skull fucking armageddon' - 7" - £4
Total raw d-beat with high octane Japanese/Swedish influences. Or as Shin called it at Punk & Destroy: "Anti Cimex+Shit lickers+Disclose / Raw Brutal Dis-bombardment Onslaught!!!"


END THE AGONY - 7" - £3
I got a few more copies in of this amazing record. Here's what the good folks at collective zine said about it: "End the Agony commit their nihilistic broken worldview to their first slab of vinyl. As a three piece they were one of the best bands I've seen in the past couple of years, channelling the scuzzy filth of NOOTHGRUSH via the agonised despair of DYSTOPIA and the distilled hatred of CROSSED OUT's slow parts. With punk rock currently reinforcing the dams against a deluge of wannabes and generic 'poserviolence', End The Agony are the real deal. Highly recommended - CZ." - www.myspace.com/endtheagony

DESTRUCKTIONS - complete destruckions - lp - £8 - SOLD OUT- Anthology of this long gone cult band from Pori, Finland! This has all DESTRUCKTIONS studio recordings: Vox Populi -LP, their segments from the FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT and HARDCORE '83 compilations + unreleased demo tracks. Clearly a labour of love, this comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with comprehensive liner notes by guitarist Poko. Guaranteed to rip your speakers to shreds!

V/A HARDCORE '83 - compilation lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
Uber fucking classic compilation lp that surely needs no further introduction. Propaganda Records originally released this in 1983 and if anyone needs a reminder of the fact Finland had one of the best scenes in the 80s, just look at the names featured: KANSAN UUTISET, RIISTETYT, JAKKE & LATERI, ÄPÄRÄT, RATTUS, TAMPERE SS, ALAMAAILMA, KUOLEMA, BASTARDS, HIC SYTEEMI, FUCKING FINLAND, DESTRUCKTIONS, MARIONETTI, M.A.P., PROTESTI, SEKUNA, TAAKU and VARAUS. No serious hardcore punk collection is complete without this compilation, period.

V/A RUSSIA BOMBS FINLAND - compilation lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
One of the four essential 80s Finnish hardcore punk compilation lps (others being HARDCORE '83, YALTA HI-LIFE and FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT), RUSSIA BOMBS FINLAND was originally released in 1982 on the legendary Propaganda Records. Like the previously discussed "Hardcore '83" this reads as a who's who of Finnish hardcore/punk, featuring multiple tracks by KAAOS, BASTARDS, ANTIKEHO, NATO, TERVEET KADET, RIISTETYT, 013, MAHO NEITSYT, APPENDIX, SEKUNDA and DACHAU. You need it, your friends need it, everyone needs this. If there's anything better than Finnish hardcore punk, I've yet to hear it.

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