Saturday, 21 July 2012

20 July 2012

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MAKILADORAS - niemandsland - lp - £8
...yes!! After loads of difficulties, this finally sees a light of day!! Makiladoras were one of the absolute best Dutch bands of the previous decade - the SACRILIGE for the 00s - releasing an amazing lp, 10" and split ep before splitting up. This, their 2nd and final lp, was supposed to have come out on Profane Existence many years ago but after loads of difficulties the master was finally returned, with Ruin Nation stepping up to unleash this on the world after all. This final release includes 8 post mortem tracks of a full throttle slayer/at the gates guitar ridden metal punk. Recorded by Dirk Kusche at Bremens Kuchelrock Studios, the man responsible for that famous heavy Bremen sound (Systral, Morser etc.).

MORNINGTON CRESCENT - lp - gummopunx records - £7.50
...assuming we are all reasonable and sane human beings and can therefore all agree that 80s Dutch hardcore/punk fucking rules..... This contains their classic 1982 demo "Cassette 1" and their legendary "Greetings From Amsterdam" ep from also containts the wonderful 1st mix of said ep, including 3 previously unreleased tracks!

TEARGAS - the way of all the flesh - lp - £7
"...Debut 12" from this Australian hardcore band that play in the Japanese style (as if you couldn't tell by the cover art). While Teargas are clearly inspired by the huge riffs and epic leads of bands like Death Side, you can tell they're also hip to the raw, blown-out sound of more recent Japanese crust bands like Framtid and Kriegshog. The result is a complete monster of an LP... while it doesn't quite have the off-the-charts energy level of the last two bands I mentioned, as with, say, Forward, the band more than makes up for that with a tight, rocking edge. Fucking beastly shit here."

INFERNOH - lp -£12.50's one that will show in many MRR end of year list for 2012... Blazing Swedish discharge/cimex/totalitar/avskum influenced hardcore punk! Members of SKITKIDS, FY FAN, HERATYS and SKIPLICKERS. Thet sound of an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell!

GIFTGASATTACK - 5" - £5 copy left, super limited pressing, fucking great raw Swedish hardcore punk...

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