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NEW IN: 10-April-2009

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KAOS – 7” – Odios Los Discos - £3.50
This gem has rarely left my recordplayer in the last few months. Seriously beyond amazing killer raw punk from Peru that sees the 7” treatment it so rightly deserves. As far as I understand it, these songs come from their classic 1989 demo tape. If you’re one of those who was smart enough to snap up the ATTAQUE FRONTAL 7” the great BURRITO RECORDS made available once more a few years ago, definitely don’t sleep on this one either. This is what hardcore punk is all about. Raw angry noise not music. Excellent.

ANFO – Ayacucho – lp - £7.50 SOLD OUT
MRR reviewed this as follows: “raw hardcore punk from Peru. ANFO has
been around for quite some time now. I did not know they were still active, so this record came as a surprise. Overall they blend chaotic hardcore punk with dark and gloomy moments. I don’t have a lyric sheet but they sound pissed off on every single track. They grace us with a cover by DESORDEN PUBLICO from Mexico. Good shit!”. The picture I posted shows the etching that’s done on the one side. Though not normally I am too hot on – this actually looks really fucking nice. It’s a handnumbered and limited to... deal – but I am kind of hoping people who read this list don’t give a fuck about that – while caring about the raw fucking music captured on this all the much more.

THOU – Malfeasance / Retribution – 10” – £6.50
The tracklist for this 10” is as follows:
1. Their Hooves Carve Craters in the Earth (
2. The Bleeding Genitals of Every Rapist Hang Bleeding From These Trees (
...or as
the label described this “one fucked up epic doomed out crusted out track per side”. Though there’s definitely no word of a lie in that describtion – it onlytells half the picture. Reading the lyrics, they seem to care about a bit more than just being “heavy” and in doing so escape the so often repeated, sad & contrived “being as negative and bleak as possible” trap that so many of todays bands in this genre fall into. Instead they wear their anti-state, anti-capitalist and every other anti-freedom belief/institution out there, proudly on their sleeves...just the way I like it.

Short Fast And Loud reviewed this with the words: “
KURSK play some fucked up, Discordance Axis meets the production values of lo-fi black metal, grindcore. Damaged, swirling guitars over completely buried, almost inaudible drums while a tortured, ghost of a larynx hovers above. Amazing!!! Czech's Lycanthrophy squeeze out a more straightforward grind with excellent production highlighting the rapid fire drumming.” Who am I to disagree. /

The latest edition of Ripping Thrash – which has been going for well over 20 years now! – is a split with the equally long running Hell & Damnation. This is a 48 page masterclass of what a good punk zine should be about; interesting, non pretentious, fun, well written, dedicated and done not for personal glory but for the simple desire to be involved and make a contribution to keeping the underground alive. This issue has interviews with Active Rebellion distro, Chris Agitate zine, Step On It, NK6 and Vi Gruer Oss, as well as articles, reviews and all the other stuff you hope to continue to see in zines for the next 20 years to come.

Full list: click here
Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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