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NEW IN: 23-March-2009

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Originally released for their ultimately doomed US tour, this is two of the best bands to come out of Japan in the last decade(s) giving everyone a masterclass in hardcore punk. Raw distortion ridden raging d-beat destruction that really is an essential addition to every record collection. Two mindblowing bands that love(d) what they do/did and know/knew how to do it to perfection. Fucking killer.

IMPOSTERS – 7” – Flatback Recs - £4 SOLD OUT
“Great raw early 80's so cal style hc from some young rippers. A lot of people compare them to Ill Repute and RKL but I think early JFA is a better comparison. High energy, lo fi skate core and a gnarly surf instrumental all sounding very legit and pure in the execution. Stands out of the pack of "skate thrash" 7"s currently on offer – Felix Havoc”

KOLOKOL – tilbake til start – 7” - £5
First of, apologies for the fucking price, I got this copy from a list in the US and the dollar is beating the pound into a shriveling mess at the moment... Still this is such a raging 7" that I couldn't resist picking it up anyway. Kolokol play what can only be described as “traditional Norwegian hardcore”, utilizing speed, melodic hooks and all the unique flair that links directly to classic bands like KAFKA PROCES, SO MUCH HATE, KORT PROCESS etc. Seriously great stuff that brings back memories of the X-Port Plater glorydays.

OMAISUUSVAHINKO – s/t - 7” – Roku Records - £3.50
SOLD OUT of those bandnames that is impossible to remember, let alone pronounce, for those of us not fluent in by default it’s the kind of record to snap up instantly! That rule of thumb definitely pays of once again here. Totally killer ’82 influenced hardcore Finland style – by one of the bands that was also featured on the rather superb “Propaganda Is Hippies” compilation – a record I mention as it definitely had a lot better distribution than this, their limited to 500 copies debut 7”.

OMAISUUSVAHINKO: Sotaa maailmaa vastaan - 7” - £3.50
...yes yes yes, this is the shit I fucking live for! After their great debut 7” and excellent tracks on the “Propaganda Is Hippies” lp – these kids return with another blast of raging ’82 styled blistering Finnish hardcore punk.

SOCIAL SICKNESS - 7” – Flatback - £4 SOLD OUT
“Debut 7" from this
California band on Flat Back Records. Like a lot of these recent California bands, Social Sickness have that dry, Ill Repute / Mystic Records sound down PAT... they even have the hint of melody in the vocals that a lot of similar bands lack. This is a fucking TWELVE song 7" so you should know what you're getting into here... short, fast and right to the point. – Sorry State”

QUESTION – insanity – 7” – Fashionable Idiots - £3.50
"On this platter (the band's 2nd recorded effort) these Minneapolis hardcore stalwarts plow through six more cuts of down-tuned hardcore fury. Fast ripping punk that will leave you thirsty for more. Great looking hand screened cover and lyric booklet included, wow!”. Note: the copies I have, have a slightly different cover. Mine are pink-not yellow! As the label website says there are “200 copies with a different cover”, I assume the ones I got are the limited edition ones...?

SICK OF FUN – comp. 7” – Stress Domain - £4
"This 7" comp from Stress Domain Records packs 15 bands
into one hell of a claustrophobic 7". This feature some of the best hardcore punk bands around today, all cranking out fast, energetic, early-'80s inspired tunes! Every track is a ripper!”. Bands are: Rhythm Syndrom, Critical Picnic, Coke Bust, No Thanks, Born Bad, Socialcide, Ribzy,Ecoli, Valoids, Reprobates, Broken Needle, Shanghai Surprise, Frat Boys, Warboy, Doghart Trio. This comp is already sold out from the label, so get it now or cry later.

AVSKUM – uproar underifrån – lp - £8 SOLD OUT
Easily (!) one of the best records of 2008 – or the last 10 years for that matter - this is simply amazing, mindblowing, raging from start to finish, ferocious politically charged hardcore punk destruction. Nothing less than a molotov cocktail of perfect Swede-core and lyrical anger—Avskum, who’ve been around off and on since the early 80s, are back once again, to blast through the bullshit. They’ve honed it down to the essence—blazing riffs driven by rumbling bass and crashing drums. This is the soundtrack against the fucked up fucking system – it’s what we’ll be playing when we finally come for the greedy pigs that have been destroying us and our planet. The last thing the bankers and assorted scum will hear is “capitalism is cannibalism” coming at them at full blast – before we punch their fucking lights out. 16 tracks – of essential inspiring hardcore punk rage!

AVSKUM – punkista – lp - £8
“Charged and furious, classic Swedish Punk carved out of D-Beat and DISCHARGE, blasting with Hoarse vocals and a wall of guitars. This is the third Lp by Swedish legend's AVSKUM, who have existed on and off the swedish hardcore punk scene since the early 1980's. This LP is marked with unqiue twists and turns that challenge and defy the formula while satisfying both fans of the bands old dirgy style "Ingen Manniska Ar Illegal" and full on DISCHARGE style attack "Children of war".” Incredible band.

BLOWBACK – living vibration – lp – Blackwater Records - £8 SOLD OUT
Hardhitting “Burning Spirits hardcore” originally released by HG Fact in Japan, but made available again by Blackwater Records in time for Blowback’s U.S. west coast tour with Tragedy! On this record they deliver nasty sounding burly hardcore punk with a dark and bombastic sound, loud thick guitars, solid pounding rhythm section and strained over the top vocals. Killer.

DEVOUR – s/t 12” (+cd) – Sorry State Records - £8 SOLD OUT
"Born from the smoldering ashes of Cross Laws, Devour recalls the very best of the mid-80s trend of hardcore bands adding some hints of metal to their sound; think Corrosion of Conformity's Animosity LP, Final Conflict's Ashes to Ashes and Septic Death's Need So Much Attention. There's also a heavy Japanese influence; live they have been compared to Judgment, Lip Cream and Bastard, a connection only made clearer by this record's astonishingly heavy and powerful recording. In a scene where so many bands simply want to replicate something that has already happened, Devour sound remarkably fresh and progressive, and without losing a single thing you loved about hardcore in the first place.” Note: this is the first press version which means it include the record and jacket plus a GIANT 24"x24" poster, a Devour sticker, the lyric sheet, and a pro-duplicated CD featuring the LP in its entirety along with a TON of bonus material including outtakes, demos, a live set and other surprises....

ERISTETYT - Yks vitun... – lp - £6 SOLD OUT
28 tracks of raw Finnish HARDCORE from 1989-1990. Contains the first demo from 1989, the first ep from 1989 and the second ep from 1990.

MEATLOCKER – lp – RSR Records - £7.50
Debut from this UK/Australian hardcore powerhouse. Members of Extortion and Lecky of Voorhees on vocal duties.

RUNNING FOR COVER – dark well - lp – 625 thrash / art of the underground - £7.20
...if you’ve been little impressed by the offerings of those that claim to worship at the altars of the like of Siege, No Comment and Neanderthal these last few years, you’ll be happy to hear: poserviolence this fucking ain’t! This is the fierce, fast, brutal, nasty, bleak, dark shit you’ve been despairing for when being dissapointed once again by yet another bunch of “wacky” ex-sxe kids producing some weak thrash marketed as the 2nd coming of Infest and co.... Or as Alex nailed it in his review on Collectize Zine: “
Running For Cover’s ‘Human Ruins’ 7” was an unexpected powerviolence gem and this long-overdue follow-up hits the exact same mark, a 20-track system purge of unwavering disgust and despair that doesn’t quite know who to turn the gun on first. Though the brunt of their attack consists of thick, gnarled, painfully heavy riffage and bitter, bellicose rants, strange melodic twitterings and wandering Eric Wood-inspired basslines writhe semi-heard beneath the relentless cudgel blows, forcing the listener to stay on a caffeine-tweaked state of alert rather than slip into the droop-lidded complacency engendered by so many of the tiresome fastcore blunderers following in their wake.” .com/jamz.html

SEX VID – communal living – lp – Dom America - £8 SOLD OUT
On their first full-length record, Sex/Vid deliver nine tracks of dirty, ugly hardcore punk taking cues from the likes of Void, Black Flag and early Die Kreuzen. Ripping fast hardcore punk meets slowed down crushing jams on a rocksolid lp that makes it perfectly clear why everyone is talking about this band at the moment. Excellent stuff.

SIEGE – drop dead – lp – Deep Six Records - £8

An absolute classic that probably no longer needs an introduction. If you don’t own this, do yourself a favour and pick it up now while you still can. They’ve inspired thousands since they ceased to exist in the 80s, and will inspire thousands more in the years to come. Essential hardcore punk that’s deemed classic for the right reasons.

TOTAL ABUSE – lp – Deranged Records - £8

"Finally, after much teasing and foreplay, the TOTAL ABUSE full-length is out and totally worth the wait! This album is pure bloody-knuckles-wrapped-around-a-bottle-of-despair music – a soundtrack for modern times. I listen to this shit while running and I want to push people out of my way, stomp on top of shiny, expensive cars, and then run against the traffic in the middle of the street. I’m not fucking around here. Imagine the nihilistic hardcore intensity of a band like SEX/VID mixed with everything musically cool about BLACK FLAG and you’re just starting to get the picture. Some songs are driving on the mid-tempo side and make you slip slowly into madness, and others are fast and relentless, perfect for skating top speed down the steepest hills in town. Fantastic! –MRR”

Full list: click here
Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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