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NEW IN: 11-MARCH-2009

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VI GRUER OSS - Pønkpopulistisk Propaganda - LP - £7
After an ep and split 10", Norwegian powerhouse Vi Gruer Oss return with another whirlwind assault of full speed ahead, no holds barred, hardcore punk. 41 tracks of constant pummeling, manic, fast, frantic, clinging on for dear life, unadulterated rage- heavily influenced by MOB 47 and DISKONTO. The lp includes a multi-page booklet with artwork and explanations to every song. Numbered out of 522 copies.

S.A.T.A.N. - Unfinished Chapter.... - CD - £5 SOLD OUT
Debut album of the lightning fast young duo known as Screaming Art Terrorizing Apathetic Nothingness - or S.A.T.A.N. for friends. Grinding bleak political thrash/power violence destruction that combines elements of DISCORDANCE AXIS, DYSTOPIA, RORSCHACH and IRON LUNG to utterly devastating effect. STAATHAAT played with these guys in Poland and I suspect experts are still struggling to come up with a way to fill the massive holes in their enforced concrete floors our jaws made as soon as S.A.T.A.N. blazed through their first song. www.myspace.com/diysatan

TRISTESS - Vad Ska Vi Bli? - CD - £6
This used to be a favorite of many late nights at the OCCII in Amsterdam - great for cleaning the place after a gig, even better for the obligatory 'emptying the bar' session afterwards. Super catchy punk in the best 70s Swedish tradition of EBBA GRON and KRIMINELLA GUITARRER. This features members of E.T.A. & REGULATIONS - and will sit comfortably next to your MASSHYSTERI, THE VICIOUS and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS records. www.myspace.com/tristessumea

BRATPACK - Hate The Neighbours - LP - £6.50
A great mix of throwback 80s US hardcore and fast aggressive melodic punk usually more at home in California than the cold rainy streets of Nijmegen. Elements of Circle Jerks, early Bad Religion, Adolescents, RKL, Angry Samoans, Career Suicide, Battalion Of Saints, and guitarwise even Ribbed-era NOFX, come at you in fast and catchy tunes with killer hooks and smart lyrics pointing out the hypocrisies and ignorance of the world around us. BRATPACK share their singer with the also rather excellent CITIZENS PATROL, so if you like the one, definitely also check out the other! www.myspace.com/bratpackontheattack

THE LAST MILE - Designed To... - 7" ep - £3 - (last ever copies)
With all the crushing momentum of a demolition ball in full swing, the Last Mile collide with your chest in the same way that bands like Systral, Acme and Carol did in Bremen’s glory days, hunkering down with a mix of grimy bass rumbles, brutal riffs and throat-searing roars. The political lyrics stand as an intelligent and well-considered commentary to the sound of two container lorries ploughing into each other. Through the monstrous riffs and relentless hail of drumming you’ll occasionally come across a handful of clean chords or a wary melody stumbling like a shellshocked survivor through the wreckage, but these moments are all too brief, faint traces of life before another seismic blast puts paid to any foolish hopes of a pleasant ending with all the grim finality of a mushroom cloud on the horizon...

A great slab of wax of killer Japanese hardcore crust punk. While CONTRAST ATTITUDE pummel you into a clenched fist pumping frenzy with a raw distortion heavy assault of apocalyptic d beat noise thrash, tight drumming and super pissed off vocals - ACROSTIX run firmly in the footsteps of the mighty AMEBIX, proudly wearing their influences on sleeves littered with black & white patches. If names like AGE, FRAMTID and DISCLOSE or ZYGOTE and AMEBIX mean anything to you, at all, you mind want to snap this up before the rest of the kids finally wake up and get wise to this gem! www.myspace.com/contrastattitude / www.web-vortex.com/acrostix.html
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Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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