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SEEIN'RED/MIHOEN - split 10" - £6
The long awaited split of two bands that helped shape and define the Dutch DIY scene in the past 2 decades. MIHOEN! sadly called it quits in 2008, but SEEIN'RED are still going strong after 20+ years and long may they fucking continue. If there ever was a time where these kind of voices where needed, this is it and I know that whether still on stage or from the grave, these two will continue to inspire people to question and resist the right-wing political capitalist machine that is currently tearing the Netherlands and the world as a whole to pieces. Fittingly, with most of it's content aimed at the country's politicians and their collaborators, all lyrics on this record are in Dutch, underpinned throughout with the ultra fast and powerful blistering raw hardcore punk attack both have become known for. It's often said that great music is created in bleak and desperate times and the fact this is easily some of the absolute best stuff these two bands have ever committed to vinyl (and that's saying something), seems to be backing up that theory.
D.Boon once coined the phrase "punk is what we made it to be" - and both Seein'red & Mihoen! made/kept it something that's relevant, angry, fun, sincere, diy and political, all the while retaining a good sense of humour and a belief in the ultimate attainability of a better future. It's pretty much as close a definition you'll ever get of the way I see punk myself and so I am extremely happy to be involved with this release and for it to now finally be available.

In the time tested punk tradition of "cooperation not competition", this is a collaborative effort between Darren (Tadpole), Eduard (Trabuc), Jos, Paul & Olav (Seein'Red), Irmin, Arno, Pepijn & Rene (Mihoen!) and myself (Opiate). I wouldn't have it any other way, and I am sure neither would they.

600 copies have initially been pressed - if there's more demand after that - it'll get repressed.

thanks, opiate

Full list: click here Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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