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27th of March 2010

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DE KIFT - yverzucht lp - red wig - £8 - SOLD OUT
...there's only a handful records that can truly be called landmark releases. De Kift's first full length undoubtably belongs in that last category. With members previously involved in Pistache BV, The Ex, Rondos, Svatsox and GRRR, they concocted an unique kind of pointed sparse punk with audible dutch lyrics, pushy melodic basslines, bouncy snarerolls, angular guitar and fanfare brass blasts. Poetic powerful lyrics were rrrrecited, spat out and crooned. A heady mix of bleak reflective explorations on the dutch mental state of the times; post WWII mentality dissected and rejected and gleeful romantic pleas for revolt with ingrained disillusionment. De Kift came of age in the dying hours of the squatter movement at the time. Playing benefits, raising funds, eyebrows and soundtracking a lifestyle on it's last legs. Alas the times were a changing. The movement discombobulated and was succeeded by a fragmented scene in turmoil. Yverzucht came out amidst that monumental confusion back in 1989 and remains one of punk's true masterpieces.

DE KIFT - 7" - £4
A fairly unknown predecessor to their debut LP Yverzucht. Now made available again thanks to Grrrt at Red Wig! Three songs of driving rhythms and volatile speech. Another testament to the uniquely prolific '80s Dutch punk/squat scene.

UK/IRE powerviolence worship, channeling the heavy bleak sounds of the originators of yesteryear. Would painting bandnames on one's leather jacket be popular in this scene, theirs would read: Neanderthal, Man Is The Bastard and Iron Lung. I understand this is already sold out everywhere, so if you need this, best not to sleep on it.

Whether it's the never ending rain or the impending doom of yet another Tory government, but inside this beautifully packaged lp there's yet more bleak heaviness from the UK. Dead In The Woods, born out of the ashes of the mighty Army Of Robots, lash out with crushingly heavy gloomy miserablism, an unholy crusty union of Neurosis, His Hero Is Gone, Swans and High On Fire. Diet Pills go for an even more twisted approach, with bands like Flipper clearly spooking through their veins.

JESUS BRUISER - 10" - £5
The 1st release by these well known crust merchants from Bristol, undoubtedly the spirital capital of said scene. Badger, who plays in this band, isone of the more active participants in the current UK punk/activist scene, and the lyrics on this release clearly back up said politics

MOURNE/WARPRAYER - 12" - £6.50
"After an insanely limited and elusive demo 12", here's the first large-scale vinyl release from Boston's Morne. Here they expand the dark, atmospheric and heavy sound on their demo by adding in some creepy-sounding organ, and it works great. For me, Morne out-Amebix-es Amebix, and that really says something." WARPRAYER features members of RIPCORD, DUMBSTUCK and GURKHA, going for a more straight forward crust punk attack that totally holds it's own.

"Two of Ireland's finest offer up a fine split of emotionally charged crust-tinged political hardcore. Easpa Measa should be well known after their crazy 5-month-Euro-Tour back in 2005. It has been a little quiet around them since then, but now they are back with new recording. As this band has always been really important for me, i am totally happy about beeing part in this release. Divisions Ruin on the flipside have gone through some line-up changes after their debut-EP, but managed to delevop their sound further and you`ll find a handful of new songs as well as some older ones from their demo on this split LP.

Full list: click here Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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