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29 NOVEMBER 2009!

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SGT. SLAUGHTER - they call me... - 7" - £3
"Irreverent and noisy hardcore punk from Massachusetts. There's an obvious Jerry's Kids influence here along with other early Boston bands. No traces of fastcore, powerviolence, or anything else here. Just hardcore punk with a clean, ballsy guitar sound and perfectly fitting production. Ltd. to 400 copies."

SELVHENTER - to fingre i kudden... - 7" - £3
"I'm at the point now that i see a band is from denmark, i just assume they're fantastic... and once again im proven right! Whereas some of their contemporarieshave drawn influence from late -'70/early-80s american punk, SELVHENTER pays homage to all the obscure and fantastic early 80s scandinavian bands, like the ones you would hear on the northern europe editions of "Bloodstains across DK" or "Killed by death". A nice mixture of punk and east thrash makes for a killer sound. Highly recommended - MRR "

MAAKUNTARADIO - lp - £7.50
...another winner from Finland. Not '82 inspired raw hardcore punk this time, but killer late 70s/early 80s Finnish punk in the vein of RATSIA, early EPPU NORMAALI and 013! This wouldn't have been out of place on the Bloodstains Across Finland compilation, not just due the way it sounds but also because it is that bloody good. Members of KAKKA HATTA 77 should you need anymore convincing...!!! -

SACRED SHOCK - lp - £8
After a few killer (split) 7"s, it's fair to say this, Sacred Shock's first full length, was one of the most anticipated records of the year for many. Featuring members of HATRED SURGE, IRON AGE & ARMY OF JESUS, these Austin based punks don't disappoint and deliver 11 more hook ridden tracks of blazing hardcore punk destruction. -

MEATLOCKER – lp – RSR Records - £7.50
Debut from this UK/Australian hardcore powerhouse. Members of Extortion and Lecky of Voorhees on vocal duties.

RUNNING FOR COVER – dark well - lp – 625 thrash / art of the underground - £7.20
...if you’ve been little impressed by the offerings of those that claim to worship at the altars of the like of Siege, No Comment and Neanderthal these last few years, you’ll be happy to hear: poserviolence this fucking ain’t! This is the fierce, fast, brutal, nasty, bleak, dark shit you’ve been despairing for when being dissapointed once again by yet another bunch of “wacky” ex-sxe kids producing some weak thrash marketed as the 2nd coming of Infest and co.... Or as Alex nailed it in his review on Collectize Zine: “Running For Cover’s ‘Human Ruins’ 7” was an unexpected powerviolence gem and this long-overdue follow-up hits the exact same mark, a 20-track system purge of unwavering disgust and despair that doesn’t quite know who to turn the gun on first. Though the brunt of their attack consists of thick, gnarled, painfully heavy riffage and bitter, bellicose rants, strange melodic twitterings and wandering Eric Wood-inspired basslines writhe semi-heard beneath the relentless cudgel blows, forcing the listener to stay on a caffeine-tweaked state of alert rather than slip into the droop-lidded complacency engendered by so many of the tiresome fastcore blunderers following in their wake.”

VI GRUER OSS - P√łnkpopulistisk Propaganda - LP - £7
After an ep and split 10", Norwegian powerhouse Vi Gruer Oss return with another whirlwind assault of full speed ahead, no holds barred, hardcore punk. 41 tracks of constant pummeling, manic, fast, frantic, clinging on for dear life, unadulterated rage- heavily influenced by MOB 47 and DISKONTO. The lp includes a multi-page booklet with artwork and explanations to every song. Numbered out of 522 copies.

BRATPACK - Hate The Neighbours - LP - £6.50
A great mix of throwback 80s US hardcore and fast aggressive melodic punk usually more at home in California than the cold rainy streets of Nijmegen. Elements of Circle Jerks, early Bad Religion, Adolescents, RKL, Angry Samoans, Career Suicide and Battalion Of Saints come at you in fast and catchy tunes with killer hooks and smart lyrics pointing out the hypocrisies and ignorance of the world around us. BRATPACK share their singer with the also rather excellent CITIZENS PATROL, so if you like the one, definitely also check out the other!

A great slab of wax of killer Japanese hardcore crust punk. While CONTRAST ATTITUDE pummel you into a clenched fist pumping frenzy with a raw distortion heavy assault of apocalyptic d beat noise thrash, tight drumming and super pissed off vocals - ACROSTIX run firmly in the footsteps of the mighty AMEBIX, proudly wearing their influences on sleeves littered with black & white patches. If names like AGE, FRAMTID and DISCLOSE or ZYGOTE and AMEBIX mean anything to you, at all, you mind want to snap this up before the rest of the kids finally wake up and get wise to this gem! /

Full list: click here Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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