Saturday, 21 November 2009

21 November 2009

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DESTRUCKTIONS - complete destruckions - lp - £8 SOLD OUT- Anthology of this long gone cult band from Pori, Finland! This has all DESTRUCKTIONS studio recordings: Vox Populi -LP, their segments from the FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT and HARDCORE '83 compilations + unreleased demo tracks. Clearly a labour of love, this comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with comprehensive liner notes by guitarist Poko. Guaranteed to rip your speakers to shreds!

KANSAN UUTISET - LP + 12" - £10
Originally released on Rock O Rama back in 1983, Hohnie records has now given the amazing "Beautiful Dreams" lp a much deserved reissue. My own copy of the lp has been played to shit, so I couldn't be more stoked, but the real treat is the fact the Hohnie version comes with a 12" with previously unreleased, ultra raging, demos and an "80s style fanzine". You need this. Raw 80s Finnish hardcore punk at it's absolute best.

V/A HARDCORE '83 - compilation lp - £8 - SOLD OUT
Uber fucking classic compilation lp that surely needs no further introduction. Propaganda Records originally released this in 1983 and if anyone needs a reminder of the fact Finland had one of the best scenes in the 80s, just look at the names featured: KANSAN UUTISET, RIISTETYT, JAKKE & LATERI, ÄPÄRÄT, RATTUS, TAMPERE SS, ALAMAAILMA, KUOLEMA, BASTARDS, HIC SYTEEMI, FUCKING FINLAND, DESTRUCKTIONS, MARIONETTI, M.A.P., PROTESTI, SEKUNA, TAAKU and VARAUS. No serious hardcore punk collection is complete without this compilation, period.

V/A RUSSIA BOMBS FINLAND - compilation lp - £8 SOLD OUT
One of the four essential 80s Finnish hardcore punk compilation lps (others being HARDCORE '83, YALTA HI-LIFE and FINNISH SPUNK HARD BEAT), RUSSIA BOMBS FINLAND was originally released in 1982 on the legendary Propaganda Records. Like the previously discussed "Hardcore '83" this reads as a who's who of Finnish hardcore/punk, featuring multiple tracks by KAAOS, BASTARDS, ANTIKEHO, NATO, TERVEET KADET, RIISTETYT, 013, MAHO NEITSYT, APPENDIX, SEKUNDA and DACHAU. You need it, your friends need it, everyone needs this. If there's anything better than Finnish hardcore punk, I've yet to hear it.

KOHU 63 - sotaa 81/82 - lp SOLD OUT - £8
More legendary Finnish hardcore punk! 24 absolutely amazing smashers in the vein of LAMA! Includes their classic material from the first EP. Mini-LP and LP originally issued on Poko Records in 1981/82! Comes with superb artwork and liner notes. All hail Finland!

NAMENLOS - 1983-1989 - lp SOLD OUT - £8
Much praise to Hohhnie for releasing this great document of 80s punk life of a time & place that's still often overlooked and underreported. Namenlos belonged to the first generation of punks in the then DDR ("communist" East Germany) and suffered much state repression during their existence. The government was scared of these "negative decadent youths" and by 1984 managed to pretty much destroy the blossoming underground scene. Unusual for many East German punk bands, Namenlos lyrics were openly and violently critical of the state. Their songs reflected the bleak life in East Germany, and in "Nazis in Ostberlin", a classic song if their ever was one, they compared the government with the Nazi regime. The state reacted quickly: August 1983, members of Namenlos were arrested, accused of "debasing society and government institutions" and convicted to up to 1 1/2 years of prison without probation; a ruling which kickstarted nation-wide persecution of punks. This amazing lp gives the great Namenlos their well deserved time in the spotlight and comes with an amazing thick booklet with band history and many pictures, some straight from the secret police's files. It has original rehearsal-recordings in seriously great sound-quality &2 amazing live-tracks from their Poland-tour. Classic and important stuff.

"Debut 7" from this Boston band featuring former / current members of LIBYANS, CONVERSIONS and AMPERE. The music is simple, catchy and to the point punk in the Dangerhouse tradition, but the vocals are what really sell this... incredibly unique and powerful, like Kathleen Hannah if she were really into Chavo-era Black Flag. Highly recommended!" -

THE POGO - police war - 7" - £3
"After a killer self released debut CD these Virginia punk bring you their 1st piece of vinyl and their best stuff yet! 3 ripping tracks of pissed off no nonsense punk". On Loud Punk records -

"3 ripping tracks of pissed off no nonsense punk3 song debut by Albany NY's best band. Melodic, eerie and tuneful punk like a more basic Wipers with very well sung female vocals" -

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Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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