Saturday, 15 August 2009

15 August 2009

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MAAKUNTARADIO - lp - £7.50
...another winner from Finland. Not '82 inspired raw hardcore punk this time, but killer late 70s/early 80s Finnish punk in the vein of RATSIA, early EPPU NORMAALI and 013! This wouldn't have been out of place on the Bloodstains Across Finland compilation, not just due the way it sounds but also because it is that bloody good. Members of KAKKA HATTA 77 should you need anymore convincing...!!! -

Here's a compilation you actually do really need. This came out in 1996 and hasn't been repressed as far as I know? It's labelled as "Dutch punk 1977-1982" and focusses on the first wave(s) of punkrock to come from my original home country. This really is classic after classic track and includes legendary bands like: IVY GREEN, HELMETTES, PANIC, PAUL TORNADO, TITS, THE EX, FILTH, RONDOS, NITWITZ, BGK, FRITES MODERN, VOPOS, BVD, MOLLESTERS, MORT SUBITE and many more.

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Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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