Friday, 21 August 2009

21 August 2009

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This actually only came out today, but after hearing the superb AUK tracks round Darren's (tadpole records) a while back I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this puppy, so I made a point of walking into town to get this as soon as it became available. The
Burnt Cross tracks on this cd are all their songs of the "Brian Haw", "What Hope Tomorrow" and "In Nature We Trust" eps, and you know my opinion about those by now: fucking great songs by a fantastic band; political, sincere, no bullshit with killer tunes to boot. AUK are the 'new kid' on the block, or not that 'new' actually as one of the guys used to be in the great Scottish anarcho band ALTERNATIVE who did a 7" on Crass back in the day among others. AUK know how to write a catchy song, and like Burnt Cross they use these songs to express their to the point anarchist beliefs with great effect. Their tracks on this cd are frankly amazing, some more in a driving harder edged anarcho punk vein, some slower and melodic reminding me of OMEGA TRIBE and THE MOB, and all with killer guitar hooks and passionate vocals.
BORN AGAINST once wrote about punk: "once a vehicle for outrage, now just entertainment packaged tastefully"....and though the current excuse for what constitutes a "punk scene" might feel like that more often than some of us would like, Burnt Cross and AUK are two bands that buck the trend. Relevant, inspiring and recommended for all of you that look at the world with despair but continue to belief in fighting the fuck back - /

2KOMPONENTZ! - 7" - £3.50
Catchy as hell, basic as fuck. Is there a better way to make punk?!
MRR gave it a raving review and I am with them on this one. 2KOMPONENTZ! take their inspiration from "1982 & onwards" British punk and and if you're a sucker for that kind of stuff like me, definitely check this out as I've had some of their songs stuck in my head for days now!

KVOTERINGEN - "bister prognos" - lp - £8 SOLD OUT
wesome Swedish hardcore punk with members of NO SECURITY, MEANWHILE, AARITILA, KRIGSHOT etc. etc. They've got a new lp om Feral Ward soon, which I assume will raise their "profile" a better get this rager now before the rest of the world catches on -

SILENT WAY - 7" - £3
"Silent Way mix up Minutemen, Dinosaur JR, Husker Du etc. all the while keeping it raw and punk as fuck." tadpole records. "...heavily influenced by The Minutemen and the early 90s, which is agreeable to almost everyone. The guitar is repetitive and compelling. Highly recommended" - MRR -

Their new 7" on Grave Mistake/No Way Records. You know the deal...! -

LOGIC PROBLEM - no centre - 7" - £3
"North Carolina's LOGIC PROBLEM deliver four more abrupt bursts of fast and raw hardcore, hitting a perfect balance between the noise/feedback drenched dicordance and the straightforward fast hardcore delivery" - tadpole records-

DEEP SLEEP - paranoid futures - 7" - £3
The latest 7" by this raging Baltimore band. Raw in your face 80s US style hardcore punk? Yeah, a lot of bands are doing this at the moment...but few as good as this! Catchy and memorable, another winner on Grave Mistake -

TIME TO ESCAPE - cost of living - 7" - £3
more hardcore punk on Grave Mistake. Fast, aggressive, nasty shit inspired by the classic US hardcore punk bands that preceeded them -

THE LADIES- s/t - 7" - £3
"Debut ep from Richmond VA's The Ladies. Raw, obnoxious, catchy as hell" - Grave Mistake -

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