Wednesday, 12 October 2011

12 October 2011

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updated 12-Oct-2011

  ESTUPAS - ep - £3.50 
...fucking killer PUNK from Malaga, Spain! 2011 just keeps delivering the fucking goods!  

Los Monjo / Ruleta Rusa - split 7" - £4 
"Two brand new anthems by mexicans Los Monjo in one side. They don't need introduction. On the other side, Bay Area punkers Ruleta Rusa (ex peligro Social) give us two super catchy, bass driven songs with a superb guitar work. While Los Monjo bring to my mind Eskorbuto, or Mexican punk classics like early Sedicion and Sindrome, in the case of Ruleta Rusa, 80's spanish punk rock like La UVI, Commando 9mm or early Ox Pow are a good comparison."  

La Terminal - 7" - £3.50 
"This obscure, unknown Basque band put out a demo on CDR format in 2008. It finally comes out in its proper format. This four songs are just Basque punk rock, in the vein of old Rock Radikal Vasco bands. Someone in MRR found classic Finnish and Spanish punk influences in La Terminal demo, but with some 60's garage meets 80's LA punk in the mix. However, the recording has been played a lot in Bilbao punk radio stations, and comparing it with 'Las mas macabras de las vidas' era of Eskorbuto, in a lo-fi version. Just judge for yourself."  

AUTONOMIA/INFIEL - split ep - £3 
killer anarcho punk from Peru vs hardcore-crust from Chile! Inl (includes track:  

Glöm Dä! - ...I Skuggan Av... - ep - £3.50 
"...Totalitar, Avskum, Mob 47 d-beat that sticks tight to the formula, and I’m not complaining. When done right, it’s a glorious thing. This is done right. Fast, raw, noisy, and direct. The vocals sound like they’re blown to hell and back—really ripped and gravelly. Totally works with the buzzing guitars and crunching percussion..."  

Sudor - Ganas de Vomitar 12" - £8.50 
"After the 4-track EP and the split LP with Crimen de Estado, this is the first album by Sudor. Strongly inspired by Discharge and Finnish hardcore in the music, but with a very special humour sense that reminds me HHH, Sudor delivers in 13 minutes 10 songs of raw hardcore full of anger but also with young attitude. They are the best hardcore punk band nowadays in Spain, so you will hardly find anything punker than this.  

MOSKWA - studio '84 - £4.50 
"One of the most important Hardcore Punk bands from Poland and their best and most raging recording ever! 4 songs recorded with the original line up. No doubt one of the most crucial recordings of Polish Hardcore Punk from behind the Iron Curtain and grey hopeless reality. A time when it was illegal & impossible for bands to produce a DIY record & dealing with censorship & constraint of the system was on a daily basis. If this 7" had been released back in the day, it would now be considered a classic 80s European Hardcore release in the same league as Scandinavian, UK, Dutch or Italian Hardcore of this period.  Two of the songs from this session ("Stan i walcz" and "Anarchia") were originally released on "Smelling just another bad breath" comp LP in Germany (1986, Double A Records). Two others appear for the first time on vinyl.  These 1984 recordings were mastered from the original tapes by Smok (Post Regiment) at As One Studio."  

Ruido de Rabia / Ultimo Gobierno Split LP - 1987 reissue - £8.50 
"One of the rarest Spanish hardcore punk albums, in the vein of the rawest Italian hardcore punk. Pressed with the original plates."     

To order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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