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AMSTERDAMNED - lp - £7.50
What a treat! Proper classic Dutch hardcore/punk greatness! Back in the day this band only released tracks on the two legendary "Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit" compilation lps, so a few massive cheers for Marcel 'Nooit Meer' for unearthing the contents of this new lp and making them available to the punx! This lp has a wopping 31 songs. It contains unreleased '82 Paradiso soundboard recordings and practise room songs with their female vocalist Joke. Now before you start worrying...this has all  been properly (!!) re-mastered and sounds absolutely fucking great!! Killer record, great band.

CONTROL ep - damaging noise - £5
CONTROL hail from Japan and play 100% CONFUSE worship; buzz-saw guitars, catchy bass lines and grunted vocals, its all here. This EP is made up of 4 tracks from their last cassette which was released on Punk Dischord.

ALLTID JAGET - hjelpeløs - ep - £4
 Repress of the great 1st Alltid Jaget ep, originally released back in 1997. Where did those 14 years go??!! Alltid Jaget were from the same era and area as Kort Prosess and Statens Menn. Such a great and underrated scene really. They did this 7" and a 2x7" on the Heartfirst label. The style played here is best described as "traditional" 90s Norwegian hardcore, somewhere between Kort Prosess and So Much Hate. Just great, ripping driving hardcore which I seem to remember was always quoted as one of the major influences on/by HIS HERO IS GONE & UNION OF URANUS back in the day. So there you go. No one will care but the die-hards, but those who snooze, most definitely loose.

REGRESS - ep - £4
Released by Lengua Armada Records back in 2004. "Eight tracks from this Chicago, IL hardcore band. Regress features members of Chicago’s Life Sentence and play snotty political punk/hardcore with energy and angst."

RED DONS - escaping amman - 7" - £4
Absolutely killer 'classic to be' ep that came out a few years ago. Proper punk tunes, think Cali hardcore punk (ADOLESCENTS/D.I./AGENT ORANGE) meets THE WIPERS. Ex-members of the mighty THE OBSERVERS. This band released one of THE best punk records last year and this is one of their earlier ones everyone needs. "Let's go...down to the West Bank".

To order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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