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updated 05/03/2011

CHAOS DESTROY - 2nd ep - £3.50
This is the 2nd ep by Maryland's noise punker commandos CHAOS DESTROY. Not only did they strike gold with that killer band name, it also summs up the sound rather nicely. Chaos meets complete and utter raw as hell punk destruction. The new poster children for 'noise not music', I have visions of older uncles Disorder and Swankys welling up with pride. First vinyl release on the new label of Mark of the Wankys.His neighbours must hate him...

  BICI HARDCORE- ep - £3.50 - SOLD OUT
Eight tracks of stripped-down raw punk from Spain with a d-beat flavor seasoned with a tiny but of streetpunk. All the songs are in Spanish (except "Bike Punk & Bike Hardcore") and about being a punk, riding a bike and how cars and roadways suck. The music is driving with some good simple solos and solid bass and drumming; the recording quality is blown out to perfection. Barcelona PUNK is where it's at...!!

Back in stock....because it's so f-ing amazing! Totally totally great, basic as fuck, raw hardcore punk from Asturias (Spain). This is their debut ep, released by the amazing Discos Enformos label. Basically, this is what a punk record should sound like; just pure raw stripped down passionate energy and anger. If you dug recent Spanish bands like Atentado, Crimen De Estado, Sudor etc. - then definitely snap this up as well. 

ELECTRIC FUNERAL - make noise not war - 7" - SOLD OUT
A fucking gem! I managed to get a few more copies in of their first ep! A totally raging raw d-beat noise assault. Six tracks of Disclose, Atrocious Madness, Skitlickers, Anti-Cimex etc. inspired destruction. Killer stuff!

BOTELLÓN DE CASTIGO are from Zaragoza, Spain, and play great Swedish influenced punk, not unlike their fellow countrymen Totälickers. CHANCLETA are fromValencia and go for a sound more reminiscent of Capitalist Casualties and Dropdead. Two times raging hardcore from the country that can do no wrong musically at the moment.

  SELVHENTER - to fingre i kudden - 7" - £3
"Limited to 400 copies. Killer, snotty, punk-as-fuck hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark. This was one of the best bands that Logic Problem played with in Europe, totally capturing the raw and out of control sound of early Danish bands like Hul and Amde Petersen's Arme, but with their own unique spin. Highly recommended. Bad Hair Life Records"
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