Saturday, 13 November 2010

13 November 2010

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HELL DIVISION - la solucion final - 7" - £3.50 
killer debut ep by this Basque band. Blazing hardcore with some extremely well executed Japanese influences - thick heavy sounding guitars, hammering drums and blazing vocals (courtesy of Juanma, who used to be part of the Punx De Mierda collective when he lives in London for those who remember!). A fukcing winner
AIRFIX KITS - flextime - 7" - £3When the great and massively underrated GIANT HAYSTACKS broke up a few years ago, two of the three members went on to form AIRFIX KITS. This three song debut 7” continues where the aforementioned band left off, maintaining a heavy MINUTEMEN influence complimented with the early UK punk sounds of WIRE/GANG OF FOUR. The song flextime is a bonafide hit. If you are currently temping, or have worked as a temp before, this is your soundtrack.

AIRFIX KITS - playing both sides - 7" - £3
The Minutemen are still hanging out with Wire...or, as the band apparently describes it themselves; “Gang Of Four getting rat-arsed on cider and covering the entire Strength Through Oi! comp.” Proper "working-class", hook-heavy, catchy as f*kc, punk sounds with absolutely no Vice friendly hipster in sight. D.Boon would be proud.
UNION TOWN - blinding lights - 7" - £3
...the new ep. I still hear a heavy DC vibe, albeit with a little bit more 'rock' (in a good way btw). Great stuff and I frankly could listen to Johan Vogels's amazing guitar playing all day. Released by Sabotage Records so hopefully this means it gets the proper distribution their stellar LP deserved but never got.
AUTISTIC YOUTH - idle minds - lp - £7 - SOLD OUT  
..2010...what a great year for records...!! This is the long awaited 2nd album from hardworking PDX youngsters, following up the “Landmine Beach” LP and a bunch of killer singles.Driving, melodic punk/hardcore with dark, swirling undercurrents. Catchy but not at all vapid. I saw someone call it "a cross between Portland, Southern California, and Copenhagen" which works for me. If you like bands like THE OBSERVERS, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS or ADOLESCENTS, snap it up. Like the just discussed The Estranged, Autistic Youth also really find their sound on this records. It's exciting to hear the huge progression they made on an already great 1st lp. Totally killer

THE ESTRANGED - sublimal man - lp - £7 - SOLD OUT 
The 2nd album from Portland dark-punk kings. Past and present members of PDX hardcore mainstays such as Remains Of The Day, Hellshock, Warcry, Lebenden Toten, etc dish out ten tracks of icy, ominous postpunk.Since their last release,The Estranged have dialed the explicit aggression of their early singles a bit, and dialed up the textured, atmospheric, layered sounds of prime 80s deathrock/postpunk. A little less US influence, a little more UK.. The lp features 8 new ones, a re-recording of "Statue In A Room" (originally released as a split 7" with Autistic Youth) and a rather stunning cover of The Flys' 1978 classic "Love And A Molotov Cocktail". I like their first lp but listening to this 2nd one it becomes clear very quickly how much they have progressed and really found their sound. This totall nails it - and you need this...
THE SPECTRES - last days - lp - £7 - SOLD OUT
Taking the sound of their first two singles and perfecting it, Spectres mixes the dark side of 80's anarcho punk and the coldness of early 4AD and Factory records releases and brings it to their first full length. If you don't like Joy Division or Crisis stay well clear,... but if you do....fkkk me are you in for a treat! 
Raw finnish I need to say more....let's just quote the label "Jyväskylä youngsters kicking some oldschool ass! Like guitarist Ville said after their 1st gig - when man turns to 35 it’s time to play some hardcore. Influences are sure from 80’s, but more from Italy, Spain, Brazil and Central Europe than scandinavia as many might be expecting. RUIDO DE RABIA, IV REICH, PSYKOZE, DIATRIBE, (OLD)POISON IDEA, CRUCIFIX, WRETCHED, IMPACT, ZYKLOME A and AGENT ORANGE(NL) just to drop some names."
To order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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