Monday, 11 October 2010

11 OCTOBER 2010

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ATTACK SS - no boss - 7" - detonate - £4
Five blistering tracks of Confuse meets Gai meets Disorder Japanese raw as fck dbeat noise. Seriously killer.

NOISECAT - 2nd - 7" - detonate - £4 
"2nd 7" from these Japanese noise miscreants, and it picks up right where the first left off. These guys are right up there with Lotus Fucker and Chaos Destroy as far as bands pushing the NOISE angle to its logical, ear-bleeding limits. This is actually a one-sided, color vinyl 7" featuring one Disarm cover and one song heavily inspired by Disarm. If you hate music and all it stands for, bite the bullet and buy this little beast of a 7"."

ELECTRIC FUNERAL - make noise not war - 7" - detonate - £4 - SOLD OUT 
Raw d-beat noise assault. Six tracks of Disclose, Atrocious Madness, Disorder, Anti-Cimex etc. inspired destruction. Killer stuff. Should have their lp in soon as well so keep your eyes peeled.... Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!

"These nine tracks by Finland's BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE are a solid and great update of the raw, garage-ier edge of early Finnish hardcore punk combined with current European tendency towards melody. Think GORILLA ANGREB, but with more of a reliance on the blunt slugfest nature of Finnish punk (e.g. IKBAL label, proto-hardcore-era). The female vocals teeter between melodic singing and outright screams, sung entirely in Finnish, with little clue or translation of the lyrics, captured in a relatively clean, but in no way "modern" recording that does not detracts from its impact. Not over-the-top trash; more mid-tempo, rage tempered with hints of melody. Recommended and ace! - MRR #330

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Full list: click here Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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