Saturday, 4 July 2009


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ATENTADO - 7” - £3.50
Seriously fucking great raw punk from S
pain! Hot hot hot tip!!!!

BURNT CROSS - 7” - £3
Their 5th 7" is yet another winner! Powerful political UK style anarcho peacepunk in the vein/tradition of Cress, Flux Of Pink Indians, Conflict & Crass. Everything punk should be, fucking great!

DIE KREUZEN - 7” - £3.50
SOLD OUT Repress of the legendary 80s US hardcore ma
sterpiece. Records don't come more classic than this. Excellent and essential.

The Public Safety compilation released by MRR a few years back was a bit of a disappointment, too much cool incrowd bands with weak tracks, too little substance/quality. A few bands did stand out however, Disease definitely being one of them with a track that's bound to be a classic. This is their split 7" with masters of fast hardcore thrash Ultimo Preso, while Disease provide the dbeat hardcore punk goodness once more. Also make sure to track down the Disease lp as that one is, once again, totally fucking killer!

Diskoirraa return with another assault of raw hc punk, while Metralleta increase the speed and go for the full throttle hardcore punk thrash approach. Fucking Spain, they keep delivering the goods and what do we have over here? Fuck. I will need to move soon.

Full list: click here Order: r_vergeldt (a) h0tmail (dot) com

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